Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Are you active duty military personnel, or a retired veteran? These days the economy has been hit pretty hard. People are looking to save money every where from car pooling and using coupons to having "stay-cations" during holidays. Another thing to think about if you're a homeowner is refinancing, even if you just save a small percentage that's money you can put into a savings account. So if you save $100, since you aren't paying that anymore, you can take that $100 and put it in a savings account. After a year, that's $1,200. Imagine, after 30 years? It's definitely a buyers market, so if you're renting you could look into buying a house. Buying a house has a lot of benefits. You can find a home you're happy with and pay a mortgage close if not less to what you pay in rent. Having a home also gives you something to leave to your family. Here is a site that offers a lot of information for buyers and those looking to refinance. For active duty personnel, buying a home is a chance to establish roots and a place to permanently call home. For Veterans that already own a home, here's a chance to get your payment lowered. Here is a link to this site: Military VA Loans

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