Monday, March 07, 2016

Review Furry Friends of the Foothills

Update---All comments are moderated! You'll see it after I approve it. :) I am reviewing Furry Friends of the Foothills in Yadkinville, North Carolina. Already had someone from another rescue with a similar name contact me to talk and apologize if it was their rescue. If they weren't so far away, I'd definitely adopt from them. 

I must say that it's been forever since I've written. There have been little things that happen in motherhood that I could have written about. But they were all just things I would care about. No real lessons in it. Until now. A little over a month ago we lost our first family pet, Penny. She had diabetes, Cushing, cataracts and could no longer see. She couldn't make it up the stairs, outside to do her business or keep her food down. Insulin shots were bothering her too. We had waited too long to let her go. But we finally made the decision. Gave her one great last day, and now she's at peace. The girls took it incredibly hard. So did we. But seeing them mourning was harder. The house wasn't/isn't the same. Even our cat has been different without her. She was just that awesome. And we found her on Craigslist none-the-less. So we discussed it and decided to start looking. And this is what happened. This is why people go to Craigslist and not rescues.

We found a beautiful beagle on We emailed Furry Friends of the Foothills and recieved a quick reply. We told them what we were looking for and they answered our questions and told us she would be a good fit. They suggested we apply. We did. They set up the home inspection.

She is our of the area so they had a volunteer that would come to meet us. She called and asked if it was okay to bring her children. I said yes. Her children are young and they were all over the place. They were super cute but I was able to talk to one of her children more than her. It was not very professional at all. Again, the volunteer seems like an awesome woman. But that wasn't a situation for a home inspection. When she left, we found things all over the house. She had taken her son to the bathroom and left our water running. The kids were hyper from being in the car and going different directions. This wasn't what I expected. One even forgot his socks here.  I felt bad for her. They should never put her in that situation.

The same day of the inspection, we recieved an email saying that they would love for us to meet her and take her home. I said yes. I told my husband and children. We rearranged all of our schedules so that we could all go together. I sent an email asking the when's and where's. Their reply back was that they were going to do a home inspection with someone else and would let us know the next day. They next day came and went. The meet up day came and went. No communication. The day after we were supposed to meet her, I send an email asking if we should continue our search. No reply. The day after that, on their Facebook page they post that she had been adopted and they had blocked me from commenting. My children were upset. They didn't even bother apologizing or telling us they would keep our criteria in mind in case other rescues become available. This was heart breaking. We were so excited and has spent a couple of weeks communicating with them.

They are very unprofessional. They obviously don't know what they were doing. We really didn't care about that. We just wanted the dog to be a part of our family. It's not her fault they don't know what they are doing. With that being said, I'm glad she found a home. I hope it works out for them and wish them all the best.

My advise? Go to a high kill shelter for a rescue instead of Furry Friends of the Foothills. If you do fall in love with one of their rescues as we did... Don't get your hopes up until the pet is with you.

There is good in all of this though. Because we didn't get her, we were able to rescue another from a shelter that's over two hours from. She was scheduled to be euthanized. But we Are now her fosters.  She's a sweet dog but very terrified. Not exactly what we are looking for size or age wise but we will turn her into Forrest Gump. Before she leaves us, she will know what "love is!"


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