Friday, February 23, 2007

Children are good for something!

Rough week! I was sleep deprived. My postpartum check up did not go well at all so I have to go back in next week for tests. Lanie worried me one day enough to call my husband at work and make him come home early. And Jena seemed not to want to sleep.

5am Friday morning, I passed out from exhaustion and my husband took over until he went to work. I spent my day needing more sleep than a koala. While feeding Jena around 10 am, I noticed blood on Lanie's foot. Earlier in the week I found a deep cut on her toe that was scabbed over, so I thought it opened up again. I put Jena down for her nap and took Lanie to the room with the first aid kit. It wasn't the same cut, but a new one that's just as deep. My husband thinks it's cracked skin because her foot has some severe dry skin on it. Anyway, I clean it with wound cleaner, put antibiotic ointment on it and explain to her what a bandaid is and what it does. I give her a strawberry shortcake one to play with as I tell her that it will make her boo boo's better faster. I put the bandaid on her and she immediately starts crying. I had to put her in a footed sleeper so she won't take it off while she takes a nap...

Peace and quiet...TWO kids napping at the same time! Nap time for mommy!

1pm-- Lanie gets up. 1:30pm-- Jena wakes up. 2pm-- I'm breastfeeding Jena and Lanie says "Gotta Pee pee." So I tell her to sit and take her sleeper off, and then I'll meet her in the bathroom. She unbottons, then unzips...Then she notices the bandaid. She immediately starts crying and pointing at it saying "feeeeeeeeeeeeeet, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeet." I tell her it's okay, she can walk with it on but she refuses. She sat there for 20 minutes until I finished with Jena. I put her down and made Lanie stand and take 2 steps. After her 2 steps, she wouldn't move at all! She just cried "Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" so I put her on the couch where she remained, crying "feeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" and pointing to her bandaid until her dad came home! Then she started doing a pathetic little limp, refused to come down the stairs or walk to her chair without daddy carrying her. And what was I doing the whole time?

LAUGHING MY @$$ OFF! I figured if Lanie was going to stay put, I'd make dinner. The break didn't end there. Jena went to sleep as we started dinner, about 5pm. My husband let me take another nap after dinner. Jena stayed asleep and has remained asleep since 5pm. I woke her up at midnight to feed her, but she didn't make a peep and went straight back to sleep! That's my girl! Ok 1:37am... maybe I should go get more sleep while I can!


Daddy Forever said...

The beauty of raising children. They fill you with love while sucking the life force out of you at the same time. Try to get some rest.

Holly said...

They sure are demanding little creatures aren't they? My daughter struggles with really try skin between her toes and on her fingertips. I feel so bad for her when they get really dry and start cracking.

Now GO sleep!


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