Friday, February 09, 2007

What a week! Being a mother involves a lot of gross things.

Bee's one month appointment was on the 5th. They gave me an Rx of Zantac for her, told me to thicken her breastmilk with rice cereal and if that doesn't work, use the Zantac. Great. At the mercy of the pump again! On top of that, the pharmacy flavored it with mint, I didn't ask for that. And they gave us a useless dropper. Thank goodness we have one. It's been a week now, and the combination of the bottle and the Zantac have worked. I still breastfeed her at night, she only gets up twice at the most. If I breastfeed her during the day, I pump the milk out first. I hate to take away something that gives her so much comfort. And since it takes time to make milk, a little spit up in between isn't going to kill me. It's better than being soaked in it like I was before.

Tuesday was a week to the day that I noticed Bug had blood in her stool. So I called to ask what it could be and they said "bring her in." I hate that. I just had a question! But I took her in and they wanted a sample. The doctor explained to me what to do. I got the sample late Wednesday and took it to the lab yesterday. Apparently, it wasn't the right way to do it even though I did it as it was explained to me. Now I have to do it again. Oh so much fun.

Wednesday, the husband had a root canal. It was fun getting the kids ready all early in the morning [note the sarcasm] to get to Salibury.... a 20mile drive and sit in a very very small endontist office full of people with a car seat, diaper bag, toys, and 2 kids. Yeah! But his root canal went well and he wasn't in too much pain when we left. After getting all three fed and down for a nap, I had a doctors appointment. It didn't go well, I ended up getting sent to the lab for further testing for something else that I'll have forever, and have to take medication for until I die. That's always fun! It makes me want to throw a party! We had spaghetti that night and I completely forgot that Bee and tomato sauce don't mix. So she was gassy and spitting up all night. I've got to remember not to eat pizza and other stuff with tomato sauce. Tomatoes themselves don't seem to bother her.

Thursday night was the best sleep night this week. So I'm a little more rested but I think I need to sleep for 3 days straight! On top of it all, taking the girls to the doctor landed me with a sore throat and a fever. Add to that... Jon's got it! But the girls don't at least.


Tonia said...

Rece used to spit up what seemed like his whole meal almost everytime! But our doctor sais as long as he was gaining weight and didn't seem to be in pain then he wouldn't do anything about it.

Holly said...

Awww nuts, I hope next week is a whole lot better for you! Why is that when it rains, it pours and then the roof leaks?

Holly's Corner

Anonymous said...

My youngest had severe reflux, and still has a degree of it now, so I understand all too well. Most babies outgrow it by the time they start sitting up on their own, others usually no later than their 3rd birthday. Sounds like you're doing it all right to me.


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