Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crazy crazy crazy...

I happily got fired from my job, although, I didn't deserve to be fired. Stupid politics! But I'm glad I got fired. I think the job was wearing me thin. And if I'm going to have a part time job, I want something easier than manual labor. I did get another job though. I've thought about blogging a lot but haven't found the time nor the energy to do it. Then when I did, I completely forgot what I wanted to say.

The girls are good. Life around me is good. I finally know my Bee, inside and out. She's only been here for 5 months and just like Bug, she's easy to please. That's what my post today is about. My Bee.

She's curious, more curious than he sister.
She pays attention to detail.
If it's interesting enough to her, she would glad give up her food to figure it out.
She likes to hold hands.
She likes kisses on her lips but will tolerate them elsewhere.
She's got a grip like a eagle hold it's prey.
Changing her diaper is just one big game of trying to get her to let go of whatever you need-- the diaper, finger, etc. By time to get one finger free, she's already got something else. Two hands just aren't enough with this one!
She likes to be by herself a lot but when she's had enough... she's had enough.
I know each look she gives... her food, tired, playful looks.
I even know the look she gives when only her sister can make her happy.
It's weird, they seem to have a connection that I don't understand. But it's cute too!

I can't believe next month, she'll be 6 months! Where, oh where does the time go! Life just seems so much more amazing now that she's in it. I can't imagine out life without her... And it's obvious that her sister can't either. She focuses her day around what her lil sis is doing. She knows when it's time for her bottle. And she constantly (literally) checks to see if she needs a diaper change. She asks me nicely not to put her down for a nap. She includes pleases and thank you... and is the first one to say "bless you" when her lil sis sneezes-- or coughs for that matter.

Who knew something so simple could lighten your heart in an instant.


Daddy Forever said...

Sorry to hear about the job, but glad you are happy about it. And that's good you got another job so fast.

Sounds like you have wonderful kids. It's nice to have kids that love each other.

Mike said...

Happy to be fired? Hats off to you for a positive attitude. A bigger, happier job is awaiting you, I'm sure.


Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh boy the summer is getting away from me. I hope you're finding more time now (sorry about the job but here's to silver linings right?!) to spend with those adorable girls that are growing too fast!



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