Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School is back...

I tell everyone that I own two beautiful daddies girls. But I'm feeling it now more than ever. Daddy D has been back to work for a week and 2 days, it's very apparent. If I take the girls somewhere, Little bug looks at the other men she sees and asks "Where's my daddy?" Littles bug simply dadadadadadada throughout wherever we happen to be.

Yesterday was particularly hard because my car had a problem. We thought it was the battery, but when I had it towed to the nearest place that sells batteries, we discovered that the battery wasn't the problem. Needless to say, riding with 2 children in a tow truck wasn't fun at all. But at least I know that my Little Bug will never be taken by a stranger easily! The ride was bumpy, and Littlest was amused and actually saying " ha ha ha" the whole way. Oh yeah.. back to the story. They put a new battery in, and the car still wouldn't start. That's when I realize, I'm stranded at a store. It was 12pm. I had no formula for Littlest Bug but I had baby food. So I bought Little Bug and Me some pizza. Fed Littlest Bug her baby food. And took them for a walk around Sam's club. She kept busy getting samples from the ladies who just kept pumping her full of food because she was "adorable." My poor Little Bug was so tired. I realize the Sam's carts (or buggies, whatever you call them) are made for two children to sit in the front so I put my purse on one end, and I let her lay down. She fell asleep, so both kids asleep, relief. Everyone was at work. Daddy D doesn't get off until 3:30. But my wonderful MIL got off at 3, she came and rescued us. We got home shortly before my hubby did. I'm so lucky I have great in-laws. I hear some stories about others and I thank my lucky stars for the ones I have.

Glad yesterday is over.... I'll feel better when I get my car back. I'll be $228 poorer but at least I'm not stranded at a store for hours with 1 kid saying "where's my daddy," and the other "dadaddada" the whole time.


Daddy Forever said...

Sorry to hear about your car trouble. I've been lucky, both times my car broke down, I was still single. But I did have to change a tire once while at a birthday party.

Mike said...

I remember when our car broke. I had to walk while carrying my 2-year old, who was then less than a year old, and my 4-year old, who was 2 year old, for about 2 miles.

And it was a very cold day.


Holly Schwendiman said...

So sorry to hear about the car problems. We had some last week as well -dh spent an hour by the side of the freeway waiting for the tow truck. We had to pay $800 for a new fuel pump, filter and switch but that's better than car payments...whatcha gonna do? I'll bet it delights dad to know his girls are daddy's girls. :)



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