Monday, October 22, 2007

Falling into place...

This whole job threw all of our schedules off, but things are falling back into place. I actually got both girls napping at the same time again. Such a nice break to have! Work is going well, I'm still getting used to getting less than 6 hours of sleep every night. But Daddy D is pretty good at letting me sleep in most Saturdays and Sundays so far. Does anyone know how to sow? I need my supermom outfit! I don't know how I may it through the day!

I do miss everyone, I miss taking the time to read blogs. BUT luckily, in a little while when I'm not doing so much at work... yes a job the gets easier! I'll be able to do that. I've been on livejournal a lot too but that's probably not a big surprise to most of my friends. I need a place for private thoughts, a place to share where random people in the world won't find it. It's nice. Let me know if any of you bloggers have joined so I can add you.

The girls are growing up so quickly. Bee started randomly saying "No" last month. She's a character. She won't take a sippy cup and I've been trying to give her one but when it gets close to her face she starts saying "noooooo no no no no no no," how do you not laugh at that? A 9 month old telling her mama "no,"... looks like I need to nip this in the bud. It's just way too funny. She also says "No Bug," when her sister tries to take her toys away. When we tell her no, she says "No Bee," waaaaaaaaaay too cute if you ask me. I didn't realize how much I missed them during the day. Now that we have the money to put the girls in Preschool, we're going to start them next year. Bee has to be one to start, so come January she'll be 1. The decision was hard, but if we have the money to do it, it's good for them. Not so much for me, but it does give me time to myself when they are gone. And there is a great preschool up the street. So, I guess we will see. I've always done what I felt was best for them and putting them in a social environment will teach them how to better interact with other children more so than taking them to our friends house.

What can I tell you about Bee? She's currently learning to spell, and working on reading. I don't know how much a 2.5 year old can read but we're learning it anyway. My neighbors down the street have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and she loves going over there. She hates to go by their house and not say hi. That's my sweet girl. We had a couple of months of the terrible twos, but that's over thankfully! She's napping again and going to be on time. It's hard to discipline them without showing any emotion whatsoever, but we did it, and we're good.

Hope all is well with everyone! Will be catching up on the blogs soon! (Especially Holly and Cass!)


Holly Schwendiman said...

How fun to hear of things falling into place. And at such an appropriate season too! LOL Sometimes I wish I had both a time turner and a pensieve from Harry Potter....oh the things I could record if I only had more time! LOL


Daddy Forever said...

I think "no" must be the first word for most kids. Her two year still say no a lot. too much. For variety she also say don't want it, don't, stop.


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