Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life Updated

I haven't updated this in almost 4 months. I wanted to come on and write about all the hilarious things my wonderful girls have done but that would take FOREVER.

Lanie and Jena moved up a year in their preschool class. Lanie effectively signed the alphabet while on stage with her class. Counted to 30 with them and sang and danced. Jena, well, she was a little bit different. Her small class of "1" year olds who already had turned 2, basically just stood on stage while I song played and ended up with a bag of stuff for it. She kind of stared at the Balloons the whole time. It's okay. You're only small once. :)

Between the girls and work, my day is full. We spent a lot of time traveling to Fayetteville recently. But summer is over and my husband is going back to work soon. May be that will mean more blogging? I'm hopeful, but not so sure yet. It was easier as a stay at home mom, or even a part time worker. Full time has kept me on my toes with 2 toddlers. But I've been pretty happy with them. We get just enough time together. And just enough time apart. My mom has even kept them a couple of days through out the beginning of the year and the end of last year to give me and my husband alone time. In 3 years, both of my girls will be in school and we can start the next chapter of our lives. I'm not sure what that will involve. My husband already told me if I get a great job, in another city... We're outta here! Which is something I think about a lot. Getting away from NC. The best thing that EVER happened to me was moving away from Fayetteville, and my immediate family so I could learn what life was really like. The next thing, which I think may be good for all of us... Would be to leave the state. Is it feasible... not right now. But anything is possible in the future. :)

Silly Quotes:

Lanie: "Look at my face. Do I look happy? No I do not, I look cross."
She enunciated every word too.

Lanie: " I need three options before bed. 1: I need a drink of water. 2. I want to see the fireworks. 3. I want to see the fireworks."

Jena: "I can't go to bed! I don't like it anymore."

Jena: "Don't take my shoes. Don't take my SHOES" (From the girl who we nick named Shoeless Jo-Jena because she won't leave them on in the car.)

That's it for now. Don't feel like uploading pictures right now, but may be later... Assuming I have time to return in the next 4 months. ;)


Holly Schwendiman said...

What did we do for entertainment before kids? Glad to hear that life is giving you some humor with the daily rat race. :)


p.s. ironically, we considered running away to NC several years ago!! LOL

Daddy Forever said...

I wonder what it's like to have all the kids in school. Probably a lot quieter in the day time. Yay! But I'll miss not having the kids around one.

Queen Bug said...

Yeah, I'm sure I'll miss having the kids around during the day, but I'll have a job outside the house so it won't be so bad.

Holly, I think I just need to get away. There are 3 people here that I wouldn't want to be away from. Well 4 if you include my mom. The rest... I think I would do better not being near them if that makes sense. NC is a nice place but I've lived here since 1988. Time to go someplace else, in my opinion.


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