Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 in Review!

Products I liked:

Kentucky Grilled Chicken-- It's just.. yeah... awesome.And oddly enough it's healthy for you.

Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers--- My eyebrows never looked so great. AND $5 gets you perfect eyebrows 9 times, in under 10 minutes. Yes, yes it's true.

Eureka Capture vacuum cleaner-- We've only had it a week but it does pack a punch. It's actually comparable to a dyson. We vacuumed the house, then went and bought this vacuum, and vacuumed again.... Wow. It was like someone came to our house with a Kirby. The only downside is it weighs 21 pounds. So yup.. it's bagless with washable filters! Even has an electrostatic duster, when you're done dusting, you put it back in the compartment and it cleans itself..... (maybe I should dedicate a whole post to this product later.)

Kids N Pets carpet cleaner--- Gets it right out and it's found at Walmart for $4.

ZuneHD--- It's fun, functional and semi-easy to use. I just wanted a gadget to keep me busy during downtimes at work, that I could also use to listen to music in the fitness center. This was perfect.

Full Bar---- Really does work if you're able to do it right.

Lysol Steam Mop--- $40, cleans the floors without cleaning products. Excellent for hard wood, only downside is that the cord is too short.

(The insulin pump may make it on this list next year.)

Products never to buy again:

Smooth Away--- Doesn't smooth away anything.

Birds Eye Meals for 2--- Just plain nasty.

Talking Rain Sparkling Water--- Only drink if you want to gag.

Endust--- It may be good for the planet, but cleaning with it sucked.

Almay Makeup--- The kind that blends with your skin color. They came out with a blush, concealer, etc that start out white then turn to your skin color. The first time I used it, it was okay. I had nothing better, forgot to pack my own make up. The second time I used it...I didn't realize how horrible it really is. And didn't realize how bad it made my skin feel. Icky! Won't buy or use again. It was my second time trying the product and I guess I should've known if I didn't like it the first time, I wouldn't like the "new and improved" version either.

Movies I liked:

Earth--- Awesome movie!

Up--- This was Bug's first movie in the theatre.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince--- No comment needed!

Coraline--- Not age appropriate for Bug and Bee but I like it.

Movies I have yet to see:

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

My Sisters Keeper

Angels and Demons

Ice Age 3

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

The Road

Princess and the Frog


Julie & Julia

Beyond a Reasonable doubt

Inglourious Basterd

New Moon

The Time Travelers Wife

Where the Wild Things Are

Zombie Land

(Man, I need more time! And more Dvd's!)

Things I've learned this year:

Do or do not---- There is no try. (Seriously!)

I have a thoughts based personality, but when in "distress" I revert back to my original opinion based personality. (I changed to thoughts due to some life changing event, probably marriage or children.) I learned this in behavioral analytics. I also now know how to analyze others too.

I've learned to say "so what?!" Like, if someone doesn't like me, so what? It doesn't really affect me. If someone doesn't like the way I do things.... so what? I like doing it that way so I'll keep doing it. If someone doesn't like what I say, so what? It's my opinion. I'm entitled to it. It's nice not having to worry about what I say and/or what I do.

Be yourself because life is too short for you to be who others want you to be or to even deal with their immaturity. Ignore it while being yourself regardless. There's only 1 you. And not everyone has to like you or accept you.

There's really a lot of things that I've learned. Probably too much to list. Most of my friends can attest to what has been going on the last 3 months that I've definitely changed. Especially ignoring things and people that have no affect on my life and my happiness. I call a friend of mine every year to wish him a happy birthday. We really only talk once or twice a year. We were in a rush to kind of get things said and get off the phone, but right before we got off the phone he said "If you don't like how things are going for you--- Change it." That one thought made me take the new job and the new outlook. He's right. If you don't like your life, if you're not making enough money (which I wasn't), if you just need something different.... there is only 1 person who can fix it for you---- That's you. :)

So this is my last post until the new year (Maybe). I hope everyone has a great time with their family. Remember it's not about the physical gifts we receive. It's about the emotional ones. The tight hugs, and kisses on the cheek.  I will definitely be focusing on mine these next few days. It's just us again until the Bees birthday. Tetta-Bug went back home for a little bit. It was sad to see her go, especially since she left on a sad note. That's she's going home to an empty house. It always hurts me when she crys. So, of course.... I do have to post 1 song for my dad. I've been listening to it all day and it just wouldn't be right to not have something for him here, at the years end when he's one of the things I blog about the most. If you've lost someone dear to you.... turn the volume up. This song is very sweet. It's Luther Vandross, Dance with my father.

<3 MERRY CHRISTMAS (yes, I said it... NOT happy holidays!) and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  <3

~~~QueenBug, Redmosqui, Bug and Bee~~~


Holly Schwendiman said...

Can you believe an entire year is gone again? I think you'll always look back and be glad at the "review" concept. So many things we think we'll remember and don't, so many things we think are so small but will bring a smile to your face years later.

Merry Christmas to you and yours too!


Daddy Forever said...

I like KFC too, but I have not tried the grill chicken yet. Merry Christmas to you too!


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