Monday, January 25, 2010

Comic Relief--- What does he/she do to make you laugh?

Comic relief is definitely a necessity. In the world of kids, you can't let them be the only things that make you happy. Why? Because at that point, you may have already become clinically insane. Redmosqui and I definitely have playful banter--- All the time. In fact, pretty much all of our interactions are playful banter. He claims it's the italian in him. I say.... I haven't quite figured it out.

I sctually think laughs are more important than romance when the children are young. If you can't laugh with each other, definitely laugh at each other. How do I make him laugh? Simple--- Say something off the way, un-rehearsed and completely unexpected. He was listening to his ipod before bed, and turned to say goodnight to me. Either the music was too loud for him to hear my response or he just wasn't paying attention. So, my second respond to his, "I said goodnight hun," was a snappy "Isaidgoodnight" all pretty much the way I just wrote it. We both laughed for quite a few minutes. Who did I sound like to us? Fez, from that 70's show when he says "Isaidgoodday." I love that show. What's a bit more sad is that I did wave my hand in the air like he does in the show without even a second thought.

How does he make me laugh? Recently it was the invention of our decided bank robber names. Should we ever decide that we're going to rob banks, our cheesy couple bank robber names would be-------- Jack and Tori. If you know us, you know we don't need to rob a bank and never will ever rob a bank. Yet, my wonderful Redmosqui just out of the blue gave us these "robber" names. We would definitely be the least productive bank robbers and it caused probably about 10 minutes of what-if scenarios on a topic we know absolutely nothing about. The concept of where Jack and Tori would go and what they would do was enough to keep us laughing at each other for a while. And strangely enough, I believe I found names for a couple of characters in the book I want to write, Jack and Tori!

So, what does your significant other do to make you smile, laugh or be playful?


Holly Schwendiman said...

Good timing, laughing is always happening in my house. But yesterday afternoon as we were driving on an errand as a family hubby and I got the giggles listening to the kids laughing so hard at each other in the back seat. There are chuckles, and then there are those belly laughs. Those are just down right delightful and utterly contagious.


Melissa said...

Hubby and I laugh nearly every day that we see each other. Some days it's over nothing, and some times it's something really funny. Some times it is something only he and I can understand and sometimes it's something the world can understand. Laughter is so important in a relationship.

Daddy Forever said...

I make my laugh even though she claims I drive her crazy with my pranks.


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