Thursday, January 28, 2010

A day off/Reflections of the future/Education

I didn't have to go to work today, so my mom and I made it a busy day with the Bugs. After they went to school, we picked up G,G. Bee ( their Great Grandma) and brought her over to our house. We all watched Pinocchio and talked for a few hours. Bug and Bee showed her their work books. Bug is working on writing which she does very well now. Bee is working on coloring only inside the lines, which for one who just turned 3, she's doing VERY well. They showed her how they do everything. Then it was time for the girls to have "Quiet Time," as they still like to use the term since Ant Cici called it that.

While the girls were up for quiet time. G.G. Bee, me and Tettabug all watched Leverage. G.G. Bee says she likes Timothy Hutton, he's in Leverage so I let her watch yesterdays episode. It's a good show. One of the betters ones that I hope will not go away. I'm so thankful for DVR.  Then it was time to take G.G. Bee home. She invited me in to talk for a while. We kind of lost track of time. When I got back home the bugs got their bath. It's usually very entertaining since they have Ariel toys... They sing a tone deaf version of Under The Sea.. Which sounds more like "Under Da SEA," totally not on beat, or que. And it's just "Under DA SEA" over and over and over again. My daughters most likely will NOT be singers, and hopefully will not try to be on American Idol. They do better with Pants on the ground, than Under the Sea. (Yup, Special). After their Thursday bath, I blow dry or flat iron their hair.  Today, I did the little flip-style in the back.
 After that, I started teaching Bug and Bee some words from these books I bought from a college student that was going door to door last year. They are a funny dictonaries for kids. I make bug say the word, tell me what it means then spell it out. I spoke with Bugs teachers since we're 1 month away from Kindergarten registration. We're torn between 2 schools. The one she's supposed to go to, or the one next to Redmosqui's work. It's our choice which one she can go to. After speaking with her Preschool teachers, they told me the kindergarten process.  I know one of them was a teacher before so insight helps. They told me about the evaluation the children go through to determine where they'd be. How to help bug prepare for it. They also told me that within months of starting kindergarten that all of the students would be reading. While I have worked with Bug on her Poingo, I think I am going to step up the work on my days off. That's how I got ahead in school. Read ahead, start early. I think some of the things they do now in kindergarten are not needed. Reading I can understand starting early, but I don't think they need Spanish. But it's a fair right of passage for children, in my own humble opinion.

The day I put both girls in Preschool, I thought I was crazy. I couldn't believe I did it, and then I left them there the next day. It just so happened the day I called, there was 1 spot left in the class Bug needed to be in, and one spot left in the class Bee needed to be in. Meant to happen? Probably. I never realized that the couple of hours a day that they are there are so helpful for them. Not only for listening to other "adults". (One of the words we worked on with Bug today) But to be in an educational environment. My talk with Bugs teachers, they said she was absolutely ready to go to kindergarten next year. Which is exciting for me. She's going to enjoy it. She has school 4 days a week right now, Bee has 2 days a week and every day they ask if they can go. Both of them. That's important to have seeing as though their experience with education has to start out great otherwise, they'll be against it, or even the idea. They can't be attached to mommy forever and in just a few hours a day, a couple of days a week... they can learn so much. They have music once a week, dance once a week, chapel once a week. They learn numbers and sign language. It really is the perfect kindergarten prep......Bug will be in her little Preschool Cap and gown in May..... Bee will have 2 more years before she gets that, but I'm sure she'll be excited to see her sister on stage graduating preschool. Yup-- Best decision ever even though it didn't seem like it at the time. :)


Veronica Lee said...

I think pre-school gives kids a headstart in education. You totally made the right decision.

Melissa said...

Gosh I miss mine being so little. But glad I don't have to worry about day care.

Queen Bug said...

Thanks ladies, I definitely will miss these preschool days but will be glad when they are over. The first two years are bliss compared to full-fledged toddler years. That's how they ended up in preschool. I was frustrated. Needed something to do other than take them shopping.


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