Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kids imaginations!

Having two girls has been an experience. Bug is going to kindergarten in August and registration is March 1st. She's doing great with her writing, reading and phonics. But like her mom.... her imagination is out there. I came home from work early doubled over in pain. I slept for hours. Finally I couldn't sleep anymore. Bug told me when I woke up today that she wants to live in Paris, with her sister, her little brother, her grandma, and her two dogs. Paris! How does she know that Paris even exsists? I'm sure I'll figure it out. Probably some VHS tape we have that she watches. She doesn't even have a little brother.

I may be on my regular schedule at work sooner than planned. I've been doing well enough that I may be one of the people they kick out of training early. That's fine with me. Except that I will miss my mom. But she wants to get back to her regular life. Which means me and the girls get more time together. I bought blank story books, I've been thinking that maybe me and bug will sit down and try to create a story together. We could rough draft on construction paper, and then try to find interesting ways to illustrate it in the book. It could be a new bed time story for her. Maybe it'll be set in Paris, with her grandma, her two dogs, her sister and her little "brother!" You never know what she'll come up with next!

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Daddy Forever said...

I wish my kids have good imaginations. Instead, they make fart jokes and giggle.


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