Thursday, February 04, 2010


I've blogged several times about my new job that I started in October. A lot has been involved with it from interviewing to taking tests and studying to get licenses and then training for the actual job. Training spans more than 16 weeks. Well, this week marked the end of training. We had one of my best friends come stay to babysit the first 8 and my mom came the next 8. The support that I have been shown from my friends and my mom has been amazing... Another one of my "best good friends" will be watching my girls for an hour and a half a day, 4 days a week. Like I said, the support has been amazing. And I am eternally grateful for it. And hope that I do and can show the same support to them. As this week ends, my moms stay is over. And I'll miss coffee with her in the morning. Running around with her during the day and seeing the kids cuddle up with their Tettabug. She said she'd stay until the day after my birthday so I am sad to say she'll be leaving Saturday. She's been amazing. Letting me sleep in in the morning. She knows better than anyone that while I like change and welcome it... It is an adjustment period. I had not full gotten used to the 1:30-10:00pm shift, and Monday I will be on the 4:00pm-12:30am shift.
I don't know how I will be handling it. But I guess we shall see.  The hardest part is not getting home until 1-1:30am. The kids will be awake between 6-7am. It's going to be rough.  But at least I get to keep them out of a full time day care. That was the point of working opposite of Redmosqui. Another year of life in this world for me, and it's been nothing but changes. This time last year at my last job we were told that our department had a month left before it would be outsourced to India.  I like my new job. I do well at it. I'm not the best but I don't expect to be. As long as I do it, and do it right. I love my coworkers even though I miss my old ones. I still keep in contact with some of them. I took tomorrow off since my mom will be leaving the day after. Redmosqui took today off as it was Pizza With Pops day. They got to tour the kitchen of CiCi's pizza, and make their own pizza's today. You can read about it and see pictures on my husbands blog:

Pizza with Pop

Hopefully with all these changes, I will still be able to blog a few times a week. I enjoyed catching up and reading everyones blogs again and meeting new bloggers in the community!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!! I promise not to sing the song! :)

Praying the transition goes well. Change is never easy.


Holly Schwendiman said...

Good luck with the changes, change is the only constant eh? :)



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