Thursday, February 25, 2010

Technologically speaking...

Ok, so, being a mom has affected in me several ways. BC (before children) I was into technology, if it came out, I had it. Of course after 2005, when bug came into the world.... finances were tight. Babies are what... about $900 a month?  So, being married to a teacher (no offense honey!) you can only imagine how hard it is to add a $900 expense to your life. Then along came another $900 expense in the form of the Bee less than 2 years later. So we were broke. I had jobs, but part time jobs don't really allow you to make much after taxes. 
Needless to say, I quit looking into new things. No more gadgets, gizmos, whose-its, whats-it's or thingamabobs. Well, at this point in time, almost 5 years after the bugs arrival, we're financially stable. We have a savings account that we don't touch. Enough probably for a few semesters of college if the girls go to a public college. I also have that keep the change thing set up with my bank. I started that in November, and my total savings since November is almost $400! Handy little tool, methinks..... Oh, didn't realize I went off on a mini tangent. Anyway, back to the gadgets, etc.

Recently, around the November-ish time frame as well, I have decided that it's time to look into the "cool things" that are being developed. Redmosqui has always been interested and could give me the inside scoop. I always buy him things that I have no clue how to use. Like a Sony E-Reader. Yeah, I still don't know how to use it and he's had it over a year.  I don't think it's very user friendly. He'll put a book on there for me but I have no idea how to buy one. This passed Christmas I put my foot into the door of technology again. I got Redmosqui the Ipod Touch (we had a classic), and I got myself a Zune.  I figured it would be a good fit since he is a Mac and I am a PC.  I discovered that the Zune is user friendly, for music while the Ipod touch is user  friendly for everything. So, if you really just want music (like I did) get the Zune.

What's my next venture into the world of Technology? The Barnes and Noble Nook!!!! I believe this is going to be a great thing for me. It seems more user friendly. When I got the Sony, it was just in it's early phases of development.  Here is some more information about the Nook:

Take a look at the Nook!

I stumbled upon it by accident. I was on Barnes and Noble's website looking for my next book series to start and I saw the link at the top that says "Nook," and it had a "new" on top of it... the same as it does now and I was thinking it's a book list and would inspire me to my next reading destination. No, it turned out to be an E-reader that comes with perks. Unlike the Kindle and the Sony.  I like that you can get new releases on it. Something the Sony does not provide. And I have always been in love with Barnes and Noble. I have a B&N credit card that I don't use really at all anymore, but I used to and earned gift cards. I probably won't ever use the card to get points for gift cards again but with the Nook, you can read any book in Barnes and Noble (wirelessly connects) for free while you are at the store. So shopping for books just got easier too. Generally I have to do a ton of research online to find my next book. I wouldn't have to dedicate so much time to it because I took go down my list of "maybe's" and read the first chapter. I always fall in love with a book or series in the first chapter. I think perhaps next time I get a bonus that was as good as this one, the Nook and aaaaaaaaaaalll of Barnes and Noble book-dom will be mine--- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHA. 

(Sorry, I did have to do 2 Little Mermaid jokes. If you didn't get it--- then obviously you don't have a little girl that is obsessed with Ariel.)

So my foot is in the technology door, sorta. I have a netbook, which is mainly used for internet, writing. And well it sorta harbors my book ideas for the book I am writing planning on writing. It's just a bunch of ideas and possible/plausible story lines. I have my Zune HD. Next is the Nook, and then quite possibly in 2011-- A smart phone but... I don't know. With all the other stuff, do I really need freedom, ease and internet lurking around every corner?  (Ugh, more mermaid phrases!)


Veronica Lee said...

I'm just the opposite! I hate learning new stuff. Technology scares me. Don't blame me - I'm 48 and you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

Happy Saturday - just wanted to let you know I have a blog award for you -

Misadventures Of Mom of 3

The Penny-Pinching Mama said...

The Nook sounds neat Oh I wish I had time to read...

Daddy Forever said...

I would love to get an e-reader in the near future. Money is tight right now. I'm sure you can relate to this. Our baby is costing us a fortune in medical bills. This week, he has three more doctor visits scheduled.


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