Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long Weekly Update!

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I have had a lot of time off this week from work. It's been nice. I had Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, part of Friday and Saturday off. It's been great. Bug, Bee and Redmosqui also had Spring Break this week so we've had a lot of family time. We had Bugs birthday at a pottery painting place, it was so much fun! The kids had a blast. We're waiting on them to glaze everyone's pottery and bake it. I will be picking up all the pottery next week to be delivered. I will get pictures up of her birthday when I have time to upload them. Is there a such thing as a WiFi digital camera that uploads to a photosite after the pictures are taken yet? That would be awesome! I made my new 5 year old feel like a princess that day. She got her hair styled in the morning and had her nails painted in the afternoon. Of course, she played so hard her hair lost most of the style and her nails got chipped a little bit but she had fun and that's what counts. Her cake also took forever. The humidity wasn't helping the baking and the icing but I finished it. And she also loved it. I didn't, but she did and that's what matters. This was her cake:



I was talking to her great Grams, who can't have milk products so she never really gets cake at birthday parties. I recently found out, thanks to Daddy Forever and his woes with his son who also cannot have milk products, that the particular cake mix that I use and have always used is milk free. And I make the icing myself which is also milk free so she got to enjoy 2 pieces of cake and was pretty happy about it. Thank you, Daddy Forever! Check out his blog, I've been reading it for years now. I enjoy it.

When bug woke up Friday morning, she wanted to know where we put her birthday money. She's had her eye on a toy and wanted to go get it. So that's what we did Friday night. She got her Cinderella coach and Bee got a toy play pen, and an outfit for her baby doll. The girls love babies so they enjoy playing with things like that since they won't be getting a real one.

Aside from that, the girls are finally old enough to go on vacation so we've been planning a trip to the beach. I can't decide which beach I want to take Redmosqui to. He hasn't been to any North Carolina beaches, I have only taken him to South Carolina beaches. Both states have wonderful and amazing beaches but since he doesn't really like going to the beach, I want to make sure I pick the one that will interest him the most. It also will be on his birthday. He said he's done with having a birthday get together for his birthday so I will indulge him and won't plan anything with people for him--- This time. ;) We are also planning on a home addition to the house and are currently shopping around for contractors. We don't really want to stay in this house much longer, but we've realized that we're going to be here a lot longer than we thought, probably 10 more years realistically speaking so we want to make this house right for us and we've decided an addition is what is needed. I am excited about it, but we need to get the ball rolling on it, we've been talking about it for a while. And there is no sense in living in a dream world. We usually do all of the building ourselves to save money but hiring this one out since it may involve some demolition would be less of a risk for us.

Between the vacation and trying to figure out home construction, we ran into talk about the girls college savings. So we headed out to the bank today and it seems like the 529's are our best option for that. We talked briefly with an associate at the bank. He said he has one for all 3 of his kids. It's a simple thing and it will collect money nicely for their college education. I know of a few downsides to having the 529 plans. One of them is that it has to be used in the state you select. So, I guess my friend, Ant CiCi put it the best when I spoke to her about it. We'll need to make sure that no matter what our children want--- We have to say "Hey, I love you to pieces, but I also know what's best for you." It'll be hard, unless of course they get a full ride to the college of their choice out of state, we'll be keeping them here. For Grad school, they are on their own. We probably have enough to pay for their first year if rates stay the same. But of course,  Bug has 13 years and Bee has 15 years before they graduate high school. Who knows what will happen by them? We would most likely have enough to pay for all 4 years for each of them. And that would be our gift to them--- if they stay in State. The issue is that kids are getting college credits in High School. And I am hoping that they'll also do the right thing and start their Core requirements at a community college. I really don't want them to experience the debt of student loans. Redmosqui's loans will be paid off about the time Bee goes to school. It's sad that we have to start planning for these things now. But it's true. An education is needed, as well as the correct coaching on life, debt, finances, and the reprecussions of one wrong decision. If they grow up to be typical girls, their decisions may revolve around a boy. You know? It's crazy to think about it now,  but financially speaking, it's a good idea. The even harder part, is not being able to know what will happen until we get to that point. At least we have something set aside and can add to it freely.

Today we also took a trip to the Farmers Market. We got locally grown Strawberries, Grapes, and Cantelope. We also purchased local eggs, and bacon. And one of my personal favorites, boiled peanuts. We brought them home and put them away.. Fruit Salad for dessert here tonight.  It's fun to have Spring back. We have let the kids play in the drive way with a water table. We still have our kites from last year, and we have Strawberry picking on May 17th, which is prime time. We also will be going apple picking and grilling out a lot! I recently discovered a local butcher who has great deals on meats. It's nice to support our local companies. Hopefully they can stay in business during these times. I found out the company I used to work for lost the account, which I was also on. I've only been gone from there for 6 months so I am very lucky!

Computer and technologically speaking. I had Sassy Girls redo my blog design and it's perfect. I just need to find some time to get all my links about up and go pick up buttons since most bloggers have them now. It was so quick and easy to have Sassy Girls do my blog! I just emailed her, told her what I want and barely a day later, there was her test design. She improved it and best of all, she takes PayPal! I had some survey money from the paid survey that I do saved up so essentially, I got the complete redesign and no cost. She did an excellent job-- Don't you think? I could be a little biased though! Anytime I want a redesign, I will be emailing them!

Windows 7--- I have had it for a couple of days, it's pretty awesome. A member of the family works for Microsoft and he let me try it out on my netbook. It's user friendly and easy to use. I am still discovering all of it's uses but I am liking it a lot.

iPad--- Redmosqui sold his netbook and E-Reader and made more than enough to get the Ipad. It's an interesting piece of technology. The kids honestly, really can use it. He said it and he's right --- it really is the first family friendly computer. Especially when you have little kids. They can read books on it. You can play games together like checkers, chess, scrabble, etc. It's great. It's fun and it's not that expensive. Perhaps when the next wave of iPad that comes a long I will get one but I really love the Barnes and Noble Nook still so I can't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon.

That's it for this week. I actually had to stop going to the doctor until I get my medical bills paid off. I did have to switch doctors since the one I was going to wasn't at all as concerned with helping me as he was with making money. My doctor agreed to that and referred me to her specialist. So hopefully they can help me. I am done random testing. I hope everyone had a great week! We did. :)


Rune Ariala said...

Chris and I took our last "adult" vacation in November to the Kill Devil Hills in the Outer Banks. It was a lot of fun, we went to a lot of educational places like Roanoke and the Hatteras Lighthouse. We wanted to go to see the wild horses at Corolla but there was an issue with one of our hotels so we ended up going home a day early. Really fun, though. You might want to check it out (not sure how expensive it would be in-season, but it was not too costly in November).

Holly Schwendiman said...

What fun updates! Like the new blog look, the cake is beautiful and an iPad huh? How fun!


Daddy Forever said...

Wow, that is a great looking cake! I bet your little girl loved it. I'll have to come up with something better than a round cake next year.


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