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Long Weekly Update

Here is my long weekly update! I stayed up until almost 3am last night even though I got off from work early talking to one of my best friends. You may remember her on here as Ant CiCi. She lost her grandma a few days ago and we were reminiscing and talking about life and how short it is. She didn't die young by any means but still when you lose someone, even though it is expected it still hurts a lot. So we spent the night talking about things, and memories. It was almost like having her here again!   So I am a very tired person today. I did not let Bee go to school either because she doesn't appear to be feeling well. And by appear I am the sudden appearance of vomit. Several times this morning in fact. So she's here with me, laying down and enjoying playing a DSi game (We picked up a second one yesterday) while I have my morning coffee-- Jamaica Blue Mountain. Mmmmm. Kona and J.B.M are my favorites. J.B.M I can actually drink black it's just that good but very rarely found. I was surprised to have found it at a local grocery store. Usually I have to go to a specialty store called World Market.  Anyway... My update is about work, home and plans from today until next week. You know.. the usual long update about what we're doing.

It's been a busy week at work. We've had back to back phone calls which has resulted in an increase in items sold. This month is a good month to sell a lot because they have offered to double our items for Auto policies and give representatives a higher bonus payout. And let's just say that I did well enough in March that for the first time ever, my income which hasn't always been the greatest surpassed Redmosqui's. It was weird for us to even realize it because I haven't had a job that gave bonuses for a long time. And even then the bonus we were given at my other job was minimal. I didn't even realize I was getting a lot of sales until my name was displayed on the screens for each day. This isn't a job I would like to have forever, by any means. No one really wants a sales job. But I am good at it at least and I am doing well so I guess it's time to rethink it. Many people there have been with the company 35+ years. The company itself caught my interest in Working Mother magazine as one of the top companies to work for if you have a family due to it's flexibility and benefits. It is a sales job but there is an excellent base pay, about $12 an hour on top of the bonuses. The time off we're allowed is so much more than my old place of employment. So maybe I will stay here for quite a while. Besides, my mom and my friends stepped up and helped me out so much just to get into this job. So I am going to honor all of the work they did to get me where I am and stay where I am at. Doing what I am apparently really good at. Out of 300+ representatives, it's my second full month out there and I am number 53. Not too shabby! I am very much looking forward to my last check in May since that's when I will get this months bonus. It's going to be nice to be able to put some money away for our beach trip and the other things we're wanting to do this summer. Also, I graduated the final part of training this month. So I am no longer a direct sales trainee (DST), I am now a direct sales professional (DSP). So I get a 10% base raise, more states (I have 11 now, will get about 8 more for now) and a higher bonus payout.

We've got a lot going on right now. We've had two contractors come out for the room addition last week. And back by the end of the week, one today and one Saturday so hopefully we'll get prices, pick one and have our room addition! We definitely have outgrown our space. We loved the idea of a 2-story open living room when we got the house but I guess our Realtor was right. You fill up the rooms you originally start out with within the first 5 years of being in the home. The addition of the Bee did that within 2 years of being in the home. This room will definitely change the feel of the house but it will make our lives more livable. We'll have a guest room again and something we hadn't had before-- a playroom. We've had a lot of company over the past couple of years who weren't able to stay the night because frankly, it's just wrong to put a couple on a couch. I have amazing friends, and an amazing mom. It would be nice to not have to couch them and be able to house them for the night in an actual bedroom. So that's one thing we're doing today. We were going to go to a dinner tonight. The girls were so excited. I won't get into details as to why we're not going, but I do have a very disappointed little girl. She wanted to do this so badly. I told her we couldn't go because her great gram (the one hosting) isn't feeling well. But we know the real reason. And at this point, I am actually happy we're not going. I wouldn't be able to go anyway due to the Bee not feeling well, but even if she was I won't go where I am not welcome and I won't take into consideration someone who would actually hurt the feelings of a 5 year old. I can put on a civil demeanor like any adult would do for the sake of the children because obviously it's not their fault. And for other people who aren't and shouldn't get involved. Good to know that other people can't and when it comes down to it that's the last stab in the back. We've had enough over the last year. And it really doesn't hurt my feelings at all. I am not even worried about it but Bug has been talking about it since we told her about it and I had to deal with tons of tears this morning because she heard me on the phone with Redmosqui and her Great Gram. So change of plans--- We'll be taking the kids out tonight and possibly stopping by Great Grams tomorrow since the girls do want to see her and Bee's medicine will have kicked in. :)

Okay, enough about that-- it really isn't worth the time and effort to rant about it any longer. On our events list we have the Colombia Zoo trip with the school which I decided not to take the kids to this year since we went last year. We're going to stay home and do something special that day. I haven't figured out what but I don't really want to rush there, rush back and risk being late to work. If you know me, you know I will be late to anything-- but work. I've only been late once this year. My father in law and I got lost in conversation and I had to call in 15 minutes of emergency time. He comes every Friday to watch Bug and Bee while I go to work, only Friday traffic on the highway can be backed up and that was the first Friday that he started coming. My FIL is very involved with the girls (Him and my mom) and they look forward to their Fridays and talk about it all week. I wish there were words to explain how great he is but there aren't. When Redmosqui and I were dating, he told me that when most people meet his dad they are afraid of him, but I wasn't. I thought he was/is awesome. Generally, we're on our own. We don't have help but we know that there are 2 people that would do anything for the Bugs. They're Papabug and Tetabee. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about it... Anyway.. that was a tangent, sorry.... back to the Emergency time point;

We're allow 8 hours a year in 15 minute intervals up to 4 hours at a time if we need it. I haven't even touched a quarter of it and the year is almost half over. Some people have already run out of Emergency time. But I didn't want to use it for a zoo trip because it will come in handy if we get stuck at a doctors appointment or something like that during the rest of the year. So we'll be staying home and instead on Saturday (Instead of Tuesday) we'll be going to Zootastic Park. One of my best friends daughters birthday party will be held there and just by looking at the website, the kids don't need 2 zoo trips in one week. Zootastic Park looks like a lot of fun and she made it at a time where I can go before work so Redmosqui doesn't have to take the girls by himself to the birthday party. We're also going to stop by my sister-in-laws to give her a birthday present or send it with my FIL Friday. Bug colored her a pretty picture and she did a really good job. She's put it on the Fridge and keeps telling me is for her Ant.

I don't think we have too much else going on this week. Preschool graduation pictures for Bug. Regular pictures for Bee. My mom has traveled back up to MA for a few weeks. I am going to miss talking to her but I know she has a great time visiting my Uncle and his 4 kids. Hopefully they'll come down Christmas of this year. Their twin sons have turned 3 this year and I still have not met them. They're so cute and I would like to see his daughters again. My Aunt and Uncle have been furnishing not only our family but my husbands family with children clothes every time my mom goes up there and I would like to thank them in person for it instead of over the phone. They definitely don't have to save them for us or people they don't know but they do. And for that, we're grateful. We rarely have to buy any clothes and a lot of what they send down still has tags on them.

I hope that everyone has a good week and weekend. I am going to start a segment here on my blog really soon and I am going to call it "21 Days." I will explain more later but I am excited to get it started. Probably will start it when I have time to blog everyday or mostly every day (Summer). :)

--"This Concludes Our BroadCast Day"

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You graduated! Congratulations! More money is always good the way I look at it. ~


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