Sunday, April 25, 2010


Since Sunday is one of my days off, Redmosqui and I decided to watch Avatar. I wouldn't call it an amazing movie. It was good. The concept isn't new obviously, but the graphics were amazing. That's really the most interesting part that I enjoyed during the movie. When told that there maybe a sequel, I am kind of indifferent to whether or not there should be one. For me, the movie is over. I know enough. And any sequel would just be the same thing happening again. I even think I probably shouldn't have bought it. I should've rented it. The chances of me watching it again are slim to none unless one of my guests wants to spend almost an entire afternoon watching the movie with us.

We also took Bug and Bee to Xtreme play which is one of those places with the inflatable bounce houses. They bounced their hearts out. We've joined Bob Evan's birthday club so they sent Bug a free kids meal coupon for her birthday so we finally got out there. Then we went to Walmart to get doggie food for the "Coo Coo Puppy" (what the girls are calling the dog now). The girls seem to know all the movies we have and don't have. While at Walmart today, they pointed out that they don't have Toy Story 2 since it just came out recently. I almost wanted to pick it up for them but we joined a club almost 2 years ago. You know, one of those "Oh you'll get these movies at this discounted price if you'll buy 5 movies are regular price over 24 months." But we've discovered that the club more than makes up the value of the discounts they give you on the movies since each additional movie is at least $20 (depends on if you have Blu Ray too). Then there is shipping. Needless to say, I am ordering Toy Story 2 to fullfill my obligation of 5 movies in 24 months early. Then I'll use the VIP membership to my advantage for Christmas presents until my contract is over and will never sign up again. My biggest pet peeve is the customer service. It was horrible. They made a mistake, charged my credit card (they don't accept debit card) twice last year for one movie. So I called, and I was nice about it. I told them just send me another movie. (I blogged about it last year so I won't go into full detail.) So they said ok. Well, they charged my credit card again. So, I am charged for one more movie that I should not have been charged for. Thank goodness they don't accept debit. That could really play with bank accounts. Anyway, December I ordered G-Force 2. It was supposed to get here by Bee's birthday. Never came. So I called almost February and they said someone deleted my card that was on file. The whole time I was checking my order status, it said "Processing." Hello? My phone number is in the system, they confirm it everytime we call. Don't let it process for over 2 months without even calling or randomly canceling it. So I cancelled it. We ended up renting it anyway. Don't really care to own it. We ordered Princess and the Frog instead. You even have to argue with them to take one off of your commitment agreement, even when it's their mistake. Another pet peeve I have is that I want to be able to see the movie with the girls when it comes out. Princess and the Frog came out a month before it was set as the featured title or even for order on the movie club. Not only could I have bought it for the discounted price that first week it's out, but I wouldn't have to wait for it either. They say allow 10 days for shipping, it took a lot longer than that and there were no holidays in March to delay postage. A lesson learned I suppose. Anyway, that's what I am doing tonight. I am ordering my last over priced movie and getting it done. I suppose I will still have to respond to the featured title maillings until October but at least that's not too much longer. I dealt with it almost 2 years now. I will always support the company itself and always enjoy the movies. In fact most of the dvd's the bugs watch, I had before they were born. So I've been a collector as far back as I can remember. Even have the musical CD's at my moms house. Those songs and movies got me through tough times when I broke my foot so I won't let one bad experience ruin it for me. It's just sad that I am expecting something to happen with my Toy Story order since it would be par for the course. But anyway.... Movies. :)

We had a great movie week here at our House. Wednesday we watched Chicken Little and Enchanted. Thursday, we watched Lion King. Friday we watched Aristocats and Cinderella 2. We watched a few others too but it was fun. The girls have a separate DVD folder for their movies and they know how to get the DVD player going. At least Bug does. We put popcorn in brown paper lunch bags for them. Somehow, that's cleaner and makes them feel like we're at the movies. We did play dress up and had a little photoshoot afterward on Friday. (Saving them for Wordless Wednesday post) As hectic-busy-trying, etc that our life is... we still have time to enjoy simple things like watching the girls bounce themselves silly or cuddling with movies on. It's been a nice week on top of it all. Hopefully next week we'll be able to watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Lady and the Tramp. :)

While at Walmart, we also bought the Ninja blender. We have been making smoothies a lot lately and our blender was starting to go. The girls are also obssessed with having their smoothies. We picked up a ton of fresh and frozen fruit. I wish we got them at the Farmers Market but eh.... Fruit is fruit. We have been going more often since it's warmed up but we can cheat once and a while, right? ;)

Smoothie recipe:

Couple little pours of Acai berry Juice
Orange Juice
Blackberry Pomogranate yogurt (Light Yoplait one is tasty, or use Vanilla Soy milk for lactose free)
Then toss in some berries --- strawberries, blueberries, blackberries.
Add a banana.
Blend until drinkable and if you want to get fancy toss in some frozen fruit pieces instead of ice.

Just a little warning about the Acai Juice. First off... it's expensive. Almost $7 for juice. Yup, I said SEVEN. And be sure to taste it before drinking it. I am fine with it in Smoothies but I can smell it when it's in there. I don't even have to see it poured in to know it's in there. So, make sure you like it first. Unlike me. At least if you do use it, the benefits of having it in there far outweigh the taste sensitivity.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Holly Schwendiman said...

Mmmmm smoothies and movies! Doesn't get much better does it? It was so sweet of you to leave a note on my blog. I'm drowning in projects and finding computer time is slacking big time...per my usual lately! Ack. Where's that time turner of Hermione's? I need to borrow it!! :D


Veronica Lee said...

I did enjoy Avatar but to me it wasn't amazing either. I preferred Chicken Little!

Your smoothie recipe sounds yummy!!

Have a nice day!

Day 2 Day Living said...

I have absolutely no desire to watch Avatar. I don't think hubby really does either, but at least if he does then he will watch it alone.
I'm gonna have to try those smoothies though...YUM!

Daddy Forever said...

I'm glad I don't belong to one of those clubs anymore. I got suckered on one those we'll send you a CD every month and you can just return it if you don't like it. Wrong. Pain in the butt to return it and get credit for it.

Queen Bug said...

You know, Avatar served it's purpose. It was just way too long. Kind of like what Redmosqui said when he saw it.. "It's Dances with Wolves 20 years later."

Daddy Forever-- Yeah, I should've listened to Redmosqui when he said don't do it! It wasn't all bad. Just thankful it's almost over. At least with this you can reject the movie online and never have to have it delivered.


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