Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekly update/Memorial Day-- Long boring, venting post.

Dear Blogging Community,

How I have missed thee.... Let me count the ways.....1, 2...2000 Ok, enough. I have missed reading all the blogs but I've been really busy. Between the Bugs graduation ceremony which was really adorable. We didn't take pictures, instead we got it on video. My mom also came by from Thursday-Sunday which really does explain most of my absence. Hopefully, I will be able to visit all of your blogs so I can get caught up!

Visits with my mom are always great. Friday, she let me sleep and stay in bed until I couldn't sleep or stay in bed anymore which surprisingly was only 12:30. For some reason, I usually feel like I could live in bed with these hours that I work. Other than that we cuddle, we talk and we go shopping. I think we bought more shoes this passed week than we ever had! It was crazy. We also went and bought a new grill which took longer than it should have because the cashier did not know how to ring up the grill. Then they didn't know how to get it in my car after I told them how to do it. Yeah, special. That night we grilled ribs, corn and hot dogs. Mom and I had a lot of fun with the girls. She got to see them graduate and spend lots of time with them. When she left on Sunday, I was feeling a little.... well, left. I know she had to go and the bugs will embark on a 9 day stay with her next month so we'll get to see her again then when we drop them off. So everything with her went great until I scared her to death... I've talked about my foot injury on here. Well, I was stepping up the side of the deck and my foot gave out and I fell. I feel like everything is broken right now and while I know nothing is broken but it still hurts.

Not only did their Tetta-bee leave on Sunday, but the bugs didn't really have too long to be sad about it. About an hour later, Mama-bee, and Papa-bug picked them up to take them to the park. They went on paddle boats, a carousel ride, train ride, fed ducks, and saw a bear poop on the ground? Yeah, I am not too sure about that last one because I only talked to Bug on the phone about it.  I haven't seen her yet to have her elaborate. They left a little before noon, and came back about 7pm. I am sure all of their grandparents were very tired today. 7 hours of fun and play for Redmosqui's parents. And 3 hours of driving for my mom. All in all, we're grateful for everything they do. Be it small or huge. While they were at the park, Redmosqui and I went to lunch. Stopped at Hollywood Video because all of them are going out of business and we wanted to see what happened. We played a little scrabble and then I went to work and he got to rest for a couple of hours.

Now we get to the part of my weekend that I didn't like (aside from special Home Depot cashier, and the fall on the deck.) I just got off work at about 2am. Then headed to Walmart to pick up some things. Now, I love my job. But tonight, it was just really hard for some reason. I don't know if it was having 3 days off in a row or what. What made it even harder was that I felt like I couldn't do my job right tonight. Tonight a customer really bugged me. I was asking for his information and he told me he didn't want to share it with me. I told him I couldn't help him without the information and he insisted on telling me things I didn't need to know. How he hates the US government and our president. How he plans to do something awful that I won't even type out here and that I should watch the news next week because I'll see him on there. It was absolutely horrific. I explained to him what my job was and how it had nothing to do with that. I explained to him that these calls are recorded. I explained to him that I love my country and if he wanted to continue with the call that he would need to stop speaking that way. He didn't listen. My coworkers noticed how shaken up I was and I was being polite and dignified but I did really want to lose it at all the things he was saying. Generally, we are supposed to tell a customer that we're disconnecting. I just hung up because all I wanted to say was "If you don't like this country or the government that runs it----GET OUT. No one is forcing you to be here." Thank goodness for self-control. I told my manager what happened, then went and sat outside for a little bit. I was so shaken up by that. Especially in light of Memorial Day. Whether he was serious or not, it just bothers me that anyone could even think it. Even though this was originally a Civil War holiday.... It's since been changed to remember all soldiers, past and present who got us to where we are today. One day when my girls are old enough, I plan to take them to the various memorials of our fallen hero's. Freedom always has and always will come with a price. Whether that price is hatred or jealous of others, or whether it is hope and camaraderie that is built in---- there is a price that is paid, and it is paid many times over by those who never get a chance to reap the rewards. 

Now for Memorial Day. I stopped at Walmart on my way home from work so I could get us somethings for tomorrow. I am off, and Redmosqui is off. So I picked buckets and sponges so we can have a fun day outside washing the cars. The girls have been asking to do it forever, I just didn't have the right things to make sure the car doesn't get scratched up or nasty. I also picked up lots and lots and lots and lots of ice cream, animal crackers, Kool-Aid bursts (I drank them as a kid and can't believe they still have them) so the bugs can try them out of the first time, I bought stuff for smores since we're grilling steaks, I also bought stuff for root beer floats. I got the girls their favorite "Sammich" kit that only Walmart sells. It comes in a little clear plastic lunch box with a turkey sandwich, apple, cookies and juice box. I also got us some stuff to make lemonaid which is one of their favorite drinks as well. I plan on spending our whole day off with the girls, outside, getting soaked, eating treats and spoiling my girlies rotten just to kick off some of the exciting plans we have for the summer.

I hope everyone has a happy memorial day!


J Fullwood said...

Sounds like your Memorial Day was a blast. Glad people still remember why we actually celebrate this day..and Not just for the Day off some receive (like me). Like the post and I agree sometime you just wanna loose it one good time with a B.O.D. customer, but civil people don't behave that way. Plus what would the children think. Take care

Mentor James

Ron Cooper said...

QB, Sounds like a great Mem. Day, esp. the graduation!

Thanks for visiting my blog. My latest posts are “The Power” and “The Triumphant Heart.”


Day 2 Day Living said...

Well now, aside from the cashier and the ignorant customer, your weekend sounds like a pretty good one. It sure was hard for me to go back to work after 3 days off. Heck I think I'm just getting back in the swing of things.


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