Thursday, June 24, 2010

Long Weekly Update---- Vacations!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted an update. So probably better to break it up into sections.


Bee is in panties all day now! She's excited. We're excited so she gets her Dora bedding (how I wish my mom got Disney instead of Nick Jr.). In fact, her room is set up right now! I guess we were just too busy before to bother with it and as soon as we weren't in and out all day, it was easy to let her do it all by herself.  She's had all the "signs" that she was ready for a while, I just didn't have the time and then there's the fact that she forgot to put her seat down and fell in the toilet. That was a little set back but we're done with that thankfully. I am glad we waited because she pretty much trained herself. We didn't have to go through a lot and it was easy. Now, I feel like I am truly raising children and officially out of "baby land."

Bug is becoming a fashionista. And bringing Bee along with her. That's fine. It's cute. They've been with my mom for a week now, 3 hours away. So it's been just me and Redmosqui for a while now. We've talked to my mom everyday, the kids have been busy at their Uncle J's pool. And playing with their cousins. I've been told several that they want to stay there with their Tetta and their cousins. I have a nice surprise for them--- They're Uncle J and Aunt L, and 2 cousins we'll be joining us on the trip to the beach this coming Monday for Red's birthday. They'll be happy, the Condo we rented sleeps 8 anyway so they're going to come along. The Bugs will be very happy. And I will be glad to spend some time with my niece before she goes into the hospital. I don't have all the details yet, and I am not sure I want to. All I know is eventually, they have to go into her brain. That's more than enough knowledge for me.


Time without the kids has been really nice. The house has been really peaceful and quiet. We've been doing things that you can do when kids aren't in the house like leave out sharp objects. Not do the dishes forever, and go out whenever and where ever. Papa Bug and Grandma Bug have been over helping to paint the house. It's all done now, and WOW... a coat of paint can do a lot. I still had to work a little bit. When we dropped the girls off with their Tetta, we got to visit with some of my dear friends too. That was nice. It's nice that we'll get to spend a few days with everyone before and after our beach trip too. The summer has started off nicely. Lots of plans. Not enough time to blog, but hopefully I can still do Wordless Wednesday with pictures of everything we do. I got myself a new camera and I love the pictures it takes. It's originally $400, and I got it on sale for about a quarter of the price. I can't wait to try it out on the kids. The most important thing to me is shudder speed and it's got a wonderful recycle time. Great for kids that don't ever stop.

As a surprise to Red, I also booked us a Mountain trip, to where we got married. Timberwolf Creek in the beautiful Maggie Valley, NC. A few miles off the highway, but 50 years back in time. It's so peaceful to sleep next to a rolling stream with the windows open. Instead of renting a room, I booked the entire cabin. I already told Red about it, but we're leaving it as a surprise for the girls. We'll drive up to Bryson City first. Bryson City holds the majority of the entertainment in the Mountains. But we had the option to book a 7 hour tour, that includes a long tour by train and then a 2 hour tour in a Jeep Wrangler. The girls are obsessed with Trains and Jeeps but we've opted just to do the 2 hours Jeep tour, then surprise them by going to the cabin for 2 nights. I bought them "Dora" backpacks. Literally, the same one Dora has. Some binoculars, and Red and I will be dressed as Safari Explorers since the Jeep will be taking us to tour the waterfalls and other sites. Red wants an Indiana Jones hat and I may even let the girls use cameras as well because Red and I now have our own. During the other 2 days there, we're going to go tour the Blue Ridge Parkway. I've driven most of it in my lifetime here in NC, so I'd like to share it with them. We're also going to watch the Elk. There is a whole reservation for them and you can just go park and watch them. Then we're going to a special amusement park just for kids Ages 1-6, called Santa's Land. They have a train there so I figure that's where they will get their train fix. We'll pack up all our Thomas movies and any other "train" type stuff that we've collected over the years and drive out letting them wonder where we are going. The only thing I worry about is that we've never boarded our Penny. The Innkeeper is the person who married us and she told me it was fine to bring Penny but I don't want to have to worry about what she's doing while we're having a blast. So, yup... we'll board her. We found the best kennel ever here that has accommodations for everything, and it's not very expensive either. So she gets her own little vacation. The very next day after we come back from our trip.... Bug goes to Kindergarten camp! I am very excited.

Aside from that, Red's birthday and my nieces birthday are only 2 days apart. We'll be celebrating together at the beach. And then celebrating when we get back to my moms with kabobs and other Lebanese fare. Friday, today, I guess, I have an appointment with my favorite hair dress, who weirdly enough has the same name I gave my niece. ;) Then Ant Cici will be here for another visit only this time for the first time in 5 years... a childless visit! We've seen so much of each other recently that I am going to dread when we have another year apart from each other. But we have many late night conversations that make the distance not seem to rough. Then we'll let the vacationing begin! I hope everyone is have a great summer! Mine is turning out to be pretty good thus far. I will post pictures of Bee's room, Bugs new cd player and that finished product of the painting of the walls next WW... or maybe the one after that since we'll be on the quiet sandy beaches of NC! :)


Jeanna said...

Your husband in an Indiana Jones hat? It fits! Take pictures of that.

Veronica Lee said...

Yeap, it's kinda nice when the boys are not around. Amazing what we can accomplish in their absence!
Can't wait to see the pics of Bee's room.

Have a nice day!

Day 2 Day Living said...

Time w/ no kids is wonderful thing. Braydon was at his dads the last week, and Lexi stayed w/ her friend for a week. Peace and quiet. Not a vacation, but to come home and be alone was great. When hubby and I did have time together, it was great. I think we really got to reconnect. I love him so much!
Sounds like you have had and are going to have a great time. I can't wait to hear about it when you get home!

Daddy Forever said...

Wow, sounds like a fun trip. It's been quiet around here so I know what you mean. My wife took the kids to Seattle for the week. I've been busy painting. I should've gone with them instead. I'm so tired.


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