Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home from hospital.....

Finally home from the hospital after about 7 days in there. I don't really remember the first few days there. They kept me pretty much sedated the whole time. Honestly, I think the only reason they let me go is because they ran out of veins to poke. In the end, when I left, my numbers still weren't where they wanted them and instead of decreasing like they were hoping, they were increasing. I had a central "pick" line, which is where they make an incision in your arm, and stick a tube and stitch it directly into your vein and run it to the chest for instant medication, nutrition, and blood tests. It ended up getting infected so they had to take it out and play musical veins everyday for IV's after that. My arms hurt tremendously, they're bruised severely too.  But they can't do much for me there. I need to be at Duke Medical Center. Duke is one of the most prestigious medical centers in the country so hopefully they'll be able to give me better treatment options. They told me that for a very long time, if not forever, I will be in and out of the hospital. Ever since I started getting these "attacks" I should've been admitted. So we're 7 months behind. I am lucky to not have any scarring on my organs yet, so maybe we can find out what's causing this.

Number 1 cause is alcohol. I don't drink. Number 2 cause is gallstones. They didn't find any so they could me microscopic but only Duke can find that out. Number 3, it could be birth control pills but he said that's way too rare. We know it's not diabetes, never really a factor in pancreatitis. We know it's not my diet. But I guess I will just have to wait to get to Duke. I have a few other doctors I'll need to see here before I can make it to Duke. Hopefully, it won't take too long.

As for blogging, I don't know how often I'll be able to do it. They have me on 12 or so different medications while I am home that keep me pretty much gone or feeling that way. I will try to come on and read blogs as much as possible. With my last post, Blogger said there were errors publishing comments so if yours didn't publish, I am sorry. Thank you so much for your comments. I enjoyed reading them, and I enjoyed the encouragement. Hopefully, I will still be able to participate in certain things and keep up with your families. I have found a whole separate family in the blogging world and I've already begun to miss it. We'll see what happens.


Daddy Forever said...

I really think our child must really be your child. He was also at the hospital recently, but only for a few hours this time. He ate something and became unresponsive. Luckily he's all better now.

I hope they get to the bottom of your pancreatitis soon. I can't beleive the other place was so incompetent. Get plenty of rest!

Rune Ariala said...

Good luck girl. I'll be thinking about you.


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