Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas 2010

Merry Belated Christmas/Holidays and Happy Belated New Year. The first thing I would like to tell you before I become a ME-monster is that your families were in my mind. Holidays are cheerful, joyful and surrounded by the ones you love. It could be the lone person who takes this time every year to remember the cookies their loved one used to make them...or how many errands were ran to make this cookies. Christmas is for all families, big and small, whether you call it that or not.. Time to tell you about mine. Let's start with everything going well with Christmas show that MY Bug had on on 7th! My beautiful girl dressed in her best Christmas dress. It felt weird because the girls are in the same shows but difference schools and Papabug and Mamabug showed up . It's wonderful when we're able see them in or outside of home events. Where they have teachers and classmates they introduce you to. Ah the mysteries of being mom.

Unfortunately, on the 8th, I came down with pancreatitis again. I had a 4 day stay in the hospital. ANY day stay in the hospital feels like forever. I got out on the 11th. 10 days later was Bee's concert! She looked beautiful, did some of the sign language and.....and... SHE SANG! This school, it's teachers and everyone there has help us out tremendously. They even but the girls on their Angel Tree. If you're look for a Baptist in Western NC. I'll show you this one. Beautiful people. Now on to the rest of Christmas.... We drove to my mom, Tettabug, My uncle that I had not see since my dad passed had some, be brough a long to 2 cousins I met, and the two that I had not (twin boys that are 4). My brother also bought over his two. 8 kids in the house. And for some reason we had to have a feast....oh yeah....that's right we're Mediterainean. We had two mix and match desserts, labneh (Lebanese or Greek yogurt), ham, turkey, chicken, rice, grapeleaves, hummus, mac and cheese, corn bread mash potatoes, Kubeh,  Edible fruit center piece and  veggie tray various salads. There were way too many nationalities. Hard to choose and hard to eat with pancreatitis. It also insults the hosts if you don't eat. So I had corn bread and mashed potatoes. I tasted some things but that's about it.

After that we went back over the river, and through the woods to our house so we could go to sleep for Santa. We opened our presents and played with them about then we went to visit Mama and Papa. Apparently Santa arrived there too with presents! We opened  them and played a little. Papa and Mama created a wonderful feast for us. A more toned down! Just the way I like it. I felt like I was at a buffet while at my moms. Then of course we surried home have fun, hugs and kiss.

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