Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weird Dreams!

So I've come on here several times in the last couple of weeks but I just couldn't write. Everything I have to say is just too negative to put on here and that's not how I want to come across. I couldn't think of anything to write other than what was going on. But I finally figured something while probably not spectacular, it's something! And it's not negative! Woot? Yes, woot! I've been having weird dreams lately so I will share one in particular that's reoccurring and just can't seem to get rid of. It's so vivid that I don't think I'll ever forget it. It's one of those things that is ridiculous and weird at the same time. It starts.... In this dream, my name is Jessica, my husbands name is Jack, my oldest daughter (the bug) is Lina, and my youngest daughter (the bee) is Liz. For some reason, our dog Penny is still Penny but that's all that's the same. I'll type it out here like a story. In my dream it unfolds like I'm reading a book.

It's a bright sunny spring Sunday. Jessica and Jack live in a modern suburban subdivision in a house that is just the right size for a family of 4 + pet. While Jack does his manly thing on the grill, Jessica and the kids play fetch with Penny. It seems to be a perfect family weekend day until Jack pulls his I-phone (nicknamed Wilson after the volley ball in Cast Away because sometimes it seems it's the only thing in his life) and scowls down at it then back at the food on the grill, back to the I-phone and then at Jessica. She stares back at him with that "deep freeze" look because she knows at some point tonight he is going to get everyone in the car to go do something fun, and then disappear. Last time it was on a cruise ship. Jack looks at her and says "We're going to an amusement park today!" Of course we are she thinks to herself. "And are you going to disappear again?" she says to Jack. His reply was "I don't know what you're talking about. Let's eat and get going!" The kids got excited. They had only been to one amusement park before. Lina was a dare-devil and would go on any ride, but Liz was way more reserved. She was afraid of most things so Jessica knew that if she got stuck by herself with both children, no one would have any fun at all. They ate their lunch quietly. Jack made the perfect grilled chicken and received many kudos from the kids boosting that he was the best "griller" ever and that he should be cooking on one of those fancy TV shows.

After lunch was cleaned up, they all got in the car to drive to the amusement park. Jack always had this ritual thing he did before getting in the mini van. He checked all the compartments, gauges and tires. He even looked under the van and under the hood. It was every time they got into the car. Finally, they were able to get going. Jessica looked out the window and wanted to avoid any conversation with Jack. She wanted this to be a fun time for the family. Things had been rocky since about a year or so ago, she had been in and out of the hospital. No one knew what was wrong with her and she never knew when she would have to be admitted again. The thought of being hooked up to medical equipment constantly with drugs going in IV's that she could barely pronounce was too much to think about. Hopefully Jack just wouldn't disappear. Then she heard the I-phone again. She wanted to lose control, grab it and throw it out the window. She felt her heart pounding, her eyes burning with tears that were getting ready to fall. Could he be having an affair? It wouldn't be hard for him with her in the hospital so much. Jack looked at her and saw how upset she was. They'd been together for over 10 years and not once had he kept a secret from her. He knew she let things go now because she rarely ever feels well enough to argue or deal with things. It had all fallen on him to care for everyone. But it was time for him to tell her his secret and hope she would understand. He glanced in the back and saw that Lina and Liz had fallen asleep so he decided it was time to just be straight forward with her. Get it out, and say it exactly the only way he could. "Here goes" he muttered to himself. "Did you say something?" Jessica said. That's when Jack told her in three words what's been going on. He said--

"I am batman."

Jessica looked at him. Stunned for a second, then she laughed harder than she laughed in the last year and a half. He was always so good at making her laugh. Playing along she said "And what? Your I-phone going off like that is your bat signal?"

"Yes, actually." Jack said.

The kids woke up, Jack still had a serious look on his face while Jessica laughed at him. The kids wanted to know what was so funny. "Your father is batman! Did you girls know that?!" The kids got so excited! "Daddy, Daddy!! Do you have THE suit, a car, a CAVE?!" Jack just smiled at them. They had no clue that he really did have all of those things. He also had the mansion and endless amounts of money too. He felt that it was better to ease them into this transition. Jessica still took it as a joke though. This wasn't good but giving her a better explanation would have to wait because they had already arrived at the amusement park.

"Everybody out, girls get out on Lina's side." They exited the the minivan with smiles on their faces. Liz grabbed her daddy's hand and whispered "I knew you were batman." The smile on her face was one of confidence and grace. They walked to the ticket stands quietly. Before they took their places in line someone came up to them and said "Sir, everything is ready for you and your... family? Sir, you didn't mention they were coming." "I had no choice, we'll talk more later." he replied. Jessica raised her eyebrow. She couldn't make out exactly what they were saying, but she wondered why Jack didn't introduce her to whoever this person was. And why didn't they have to pay to get in?


Wow, I didn't realize how long this would actually be. *sigh* Perhaps I can finish later. I'm not even sure if anyone finds it interesting or cares what happens. I guess we'll see!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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