Monday, August 14, 2006

Dysfunction means "Abnormal or impaired functioning, especially of a bodily system or social group." My life is filled with dysfunction at the moment as I am sure many many moms feel this way as well. So I created this blog because of my terrible memory. I will have some great thought and I'll forget it. I've always been this way and I've tried to get around it but nothing seems to work so I do nothing about it. This is me here trying again! I'm the person that makes the grocery list, takes it with me then forgets it in the car. By time my cart is full in the check out line and I'm asking myself "Am I forgetting something?" I remember my list. That's how I am.

Anyhow, the sole purpose of this blog is to rant about obsolete things. It's about how motherhood can cause total chaos in life. Aside from parenting arguements, health, working, cleaning.. etc, you still have the same responsibilities and needs that need to be met. I was standing in my house yesterday wondering how dust accumulated under the stove, a long with a cat toy and some various foods that I didn't recognize. And I wondered... how does a mom of six do it? Here I am, the mom of 1 and struggling with my own house! Absurd, I know! I can argue that I've been busy, tired, pregnant...I can argue that I have a hernia, diabetes, tired from work. But there is the fact that those arguements won't get the task done. So I'm now on a quest to find the easiest, most effective way of keeping my life organized and clean. And this is my documentation of it so that my terrible memory isn't going to get in the way this time.

Objective number 1:

Get the dust out of my house! It's nasty. I don't like my feather duster and my bank account is too low to go get any kind of pledge product. So I spent time time doing some internet research and a website I found said to use dryer sheets and they'll even keep dust away longer!


Get dust to stay away longer.

Using a dryer sheet to dust can help make dusting be not so frequently needed. A dryer sheet makes a great duster for mini-blinds, tables, desks and any other surface. The sheet will trap the dust and is easily tossed into the trash."

Alright, that's something we ALWAYS have, and always will have. It's also something I can do when my daughter is eating. When she's done, I don't have to worry about her inhaling any rough chemicals. So, I tried it today and it was a pleasant experience. It smelled great and so far.. it's been a little while and dust hasn't started collecting again. Which is odd because usually there's more dust before I finish this room. It's all hard wood floors, 4 wooden book shelves, two wooden desks, two wooden shelves, a wooden clock and picture. So, you can see why I'd be swimming in dust! The room smells really nice.. nice enough to make me want to mop at another time just to keep the smell of the dryer sheets in here longer. So, I'll report back on this later. We'll how long the dust stays away.

I might as well go ahead and admit this. I was a spoiled rotten child! Never really had to do much for myself growing up. Everything was always done and prepared for me. Which didn't prepare me to run my own household. So any advice is appreciated, assuming people actually find this blog.

I need to solve these problems quickly...

How do you keep your house clean? Do you clean 1 room per day? Do you just try not to worry about it until you have the energy? Time management is such a big issue for me.

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