Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Exhausted! It's hard to spend time with both Bug and Bee since Bee obviously doesn't do anything that Bug does. It's been a little frustrating. Bee is content to sleep all day and all night as long as she's with me at night. It's time to break her of this. And the more time I spend away from Bug, the more I realize that she's a hyper active child. By time I clean up one area she's demolished, she's already torn up at least 2 other areas. Not only that, her path of destruction also leads to many falls, bumps on the head and other places. She could seriously get hurt. We need to channel her energy somewhere. This tells me it's time to find her some kind of "class" to be in. Somewhere she can play with other children.

There is a soft play area in the mall, but my problem is that I don't have a double stroller and I can't possibly deal with Bug while Bee is in the stroller.My aunt gave us a twin stroller. My husband suggested I just use that for outings. I had my doubts because I obviously don't have twins but I found the guts to do it anyway and it was a disaster....
First off, Bee doesn't like her car seat. So, I got her in the car seat, we got to the mall, I had to get her out again to get her in the stupid stroller--- scream fest 1. THEN she's just way to small for it so buckling her was well... wasn't doing ANY good. Then I got Bug in which wasn't a problem except that she felt she needed to take Bee's blanket off her, and her shoes--- scream fest 2. Then we get into the mall and Bee couldn't fall back asleep and wanted to nurse-- scream fest 3. We went up the stroller/wheelchair ramp and she slid back--- scream fest 4. (I went down backwards for fear she might slide out b/c she's so small) Then, she just was plain upset and still wanted to nurse--- thats right, 5..... *could it get any worse? Yes, it can!*

So I finally pick her up and we're walking through the mall with me holding a screaming child and pushing a twin stroller. We get to the soft play area then I needed to put Bee down and get Bug out. Yup.. 6. This is all going on in a matter of a few stores. It took 40 minutes to get from my car to the soft play area b/c of all the screaming. THEN Bug decides she'd like to run off while I'm picking Bee up. So I have to take off after her. Now of course the other option is to just let Bug walk right? Bug darted down 3 stores and the walk from those 3 stores to the soft play area was 15 minutes. I don't want to know how long it would take to get from the parking spot to the mall.(Might as well go home after you get to the door!) Add another 5 b/c I gave her a time out in the mall for running away and not listening. We get there... the play area was horrible. It's tiny and filled with children. It really should only fit 5 to 6 kids.. and there were 11 then throw in the parents?! Crowded. Needless to say, Bug was still crying on and off. So, yeah.. out goes my boob (covered by a blanket). I nurse her. Bug isn't even playing.. she was being shy. I gave her until I was done nursing then I tried to make her play, but she wasn't having it. So, repeat all of the above for the way back to the car.

The moral of the story is:

1. Wean your kid so they'll take a bottle and it'd be easier to feed in public.

2. GET A DOUBLE STROLLER, otherwise, you're going to feel resentment for the person who told you, "take it off your registry. you don't need one."

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