Friday, March 02, 2007

Small post, big thought...

We're driving to PA today because my husband lost a good friend that he grew up with. He was 26 years old...he died after he went to bed at night. Even though I've only met him a few times this changes my entire world. I have two kids. I brought these kids into the world and I feel that I have one reasonable expectation--- They will always be here tomorrow. Always. They'll bury me. Lead full lives, have children, husbands, etc.. I called it a reasonable expectation, but after this it doesn't seem to *reasonable* to even carry the thought anymore. The safety of being at home, in bed at night is gone. The safety of a goodnight's sleep and waking to a new day whether it's filled with the same old routine, a day gone wrong or an absolutely perfect day just seems that much more important. You get in a car, on a plane or some other form of transportation and you know that something horrible can always happen. You climb into bed,you relax, let your guard down, close your eyes and you're supposed to feel better.

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Daddy Forever said...

Sorry to hear about your husband's friend. One of my biggest fear is also outliving with my kids. That's why I worry so much about them.


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