Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Busy summer...

No time to blog, no time to think! I miss blogging, and probably have lost all of my readers. Daddy D is with his grandmother for the night so I figured I'd get on here and do an update before a full month goes by. Between work and home improvements, and taking care of the kids there isn't much time to do anything. Here's what we've done this summer.... except for the deck, we did that last year.

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We love it... sitting outside is one of our favorite things to do now. We do it every night (when I'm not working) with a beer or wine cooler and just talk.

I think about my dad a lot, and I got that memorial stone to put somewhere where I can go to think about him. It's funny... my dad was in the military and the military moves around a lot. Before he retired, my family was back and forth to Greece. Daddy D made an interesting point... if my dad hadn't gotten sick where we lived and retired there... I would never have met Daddy D, there would be no little bugs running around. I knew I owed everything I had to my dad... my college education, my car, my apartments... everything. But I didn't realize he gave me my husband and children too. Because of who he is, and his disease, I have all that I have now. I look at my husband and children differently.... and I appreciate them more because they were a gift to me, from my dad. He endured a lot of pain over the years, and a slow agonizing death. And I can't live my life sad that he's gone because gave me all that I have. I needed this realization because I was doing research on death by dehydration and salt poisoning, and it's a slow painful death. I thought he went quickly, but in reality, all of his organs dried up one by one. So while I've decided that I'm letting go of the pain of his death... I'm still going to be pissed off at the doctor who is responsible for letting him die. That I can handle. That's basically it...


Daddy Forever said...

Wow, your yard looks great. Good job! I'm lucky too because of my dad. If he had not moved to America, I would still be in China...probably working in of those factory that makes cheap goods. I might not even be married since there are so many more men than women in China.

Holly Schwendiman said...

I love the yard! You've been hard at work. It's wonderful when you can see the blessings that come with hardship and trials. I hope you're having fun with your busy summer...it sure goes fast doesn't it?


Tonia said...

It looks great. I wish we could do something with our yard, but we aren't planning on staying in the house for more than another year so no point!


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