Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What books are you reading?

I pretty much only like to read books that are series. I've been reading several of them. I take them to work and read as much as I can there.

I've been reading these Series:

The Keys to the Kingdom (7 books series)
Septimus Heap (7 books series)
The Magicians Guild (Trilogy)
Artimus Fowl (No idea when the author will quit.)
Eragon (Went from Trilogy to 4 book)
The Time Quintet (Quintet, obviously)
The Farsala Trilogy

I've pretty much read all the of books that came out this year already. I'm waiting for the Artemis Fowl book, and the Eragon book. I think those are the only ones coming out this year. Books just take me away from the busy-ness of my life. And it's great that I can do it at work too. I rarely get to pick up a book and read it in the middle of the kids running around. One and three is a busy busy age... at least, they think they're busy.

What books are you reading or do you recommend reading? I'm afraid I won't be able to buy any more books because we really don't have any where to put them. I think our books are going to completely make us out grow our house.


Holly Schwendiman said...

Have you read the Twilight series or the Fablehaven series? I really enjoyed both. :)


Queen Bug said...

I'll look into those! I think I've heard of the Twilight Series and I'll have plenty of time to read since I don't have another book coming out until July, and the next in September.


Daddy Forever said...

I started reading Nicholas Sparks' books recently (A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, etc). I check them out from the library to save money.

Queen Bug said...

I don't know... I need to own my books. There's something about placing them on the shelf after I've finished the book that sort of gives me a nostalgic (sp?) feeling. If that makes sense.

Cassandra Asekhauno said...

I like James Patterson series. They are about murder though and I'm not sure you would want to read about that.


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