Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The first step...

The first step is admitting you need a lifestyle change. And I think, I've admitted it to myself, but now it's a public admission--- I need to change my life.

I need to quit ignoring the fact that I have diabetes. I've been living my life, and pushing the diabetes into the back of my mind. I do not check my blood sugar. Everytime I do, it's a number that you would really not want to see-- 455, 532, or "Hi," as in... "Hello, your blood sugar is so high the meter won't read it." When I called to ask what the highest number the meter would read, they said "600, go to a doctor now." Of course, I didn't go to the doctor because before, I didn't "really" have diabetes. But it's here, it's a problem and I have to fix it--- some how. I took the first step on Sunday, I started eating healthy. Monday, we got stuck in an appointment and I had to get Arby's. Well, I didn't have to, but I didn't get out the appointment until a quarter to 4. The kids were hungry, and Arby's has heathly kids meals so bam, Arby's. Other than that, the diet went well.... There are so many things at stake: my eye sight, my organs, my limbs... I've got to quit being so apathetic even if I'm tired all the time. Excercise is energy, right....

Today, me and the bugs went Gym Shopping. Step to in admitting a lifestyle change is needed. On gym, a major chain... wanted $25 a month with a 2 year contract. And once a year equipment charges. The enroll ment fee was $55, plus the first month. Or I could go for one year, and pay $275 for the entire year at one time. We did put the kids in the child care facility to tour the gym. The kids stayed in the same spot. The woman who works in the day care was leaving, but the manager of the gym said he would stay with the kids. Yes, I said HE. This made me a little uncomfortable. We finished before the other woman left. So, I'm not sure of this aspect of the whole choosing a gym thing. The facility was nice though, Lanie didn't want to leave. I don't like that there is no bathroom. This is unisex, big chain gym. It's also quite a ways from my house. They do have showers, but you bring your own things. They offer tanning as well, aromatherapy, massage therapy.... at an extra cost of course. They didn't address how diapers are changed. They watch children from 8:00-11:30 and again in the afternoon but that doesn't pertain to me because I'll be at work. But they'll watch them as long as I want in that time frame.

The other gym that I went to said they do not do contracts, $48 enrollment fee, $28 per month and I can quit anytime with a 30 day notice. Their childcare facility was a little bit smaller. It did have a bathroom. The child care staff was not there when I was there, but that's okay. They offer drinks and snacks to children at 75 cents a snack and drink... which I didn't even think about at the other place. That's not too bad. They're classes change monthly, but they print out the schedules. It's a women's only place. It's a hop, skip and a jump away from my house. She also said because it is an all womens facility, only women would watch the children. They offer showers, sauna and also toiletries like shampoo and conditioner for free. If one of my kids needs changed or to go to the bathroom, they'll come get me so I can do it. I like that. The only downside is the kids can only say in child care for 1.5 hours. So, I'd have to go more frequently during the week but it's a lot closer than the other one. Bug thought this place was "School" and didn't want to leave. Bee.... I couldn't tell what she thought of the place, I held her the entire time. It's definitely not a big gym, but it's a comfortable place so it seems. I like the idea of not having a contract.

Why not work out at my house? I've been trying to do that. I face many problems working out here. The first is well, I only have an excercise bike. If I bike during naptime, I don't have time to shower afterward. If I let the kids play while I shower, my house will get destroyed. At least if I join a gym, I can exercise, shower and all that without having to worry about what the kids are doing. If they demolish that child care room.... it really isn't my problem. It just seems like this is the best way to go to get us out of the house without having to go shopping. Plus I think this offers more of a break for me and them. When we get home, we'll each lunch and they'll take a nap. The kids get to play together with someone else and I get to try to lose this dreaded 30 lbs that is hanging on to me since I had both children.

It's a tough decision as to which place to choose. I feel like I'm trying to convince myself to do this. When I talked with each place about the whole "dislocating every bone in my foot, tearing ligaments and fracturing all the main bones as well, then getting pre-Eclampsia with both children and having my muscles atrophy (Sp?), they seemed to understand my concern on how long I could work out. But the person at the first place just wanted me to sign the documents and get the bank draft started. Once I said I was going to go look somewhere else too before I decided, he kind of quickly let the "tour" of the place go (which I was okay with since a male would be watching my kids. Really again, I do not have a big problem with this... I just really don't think it was good way to start out a tour. I don't have a problem with male child care, it's just, this is the first time my girls would be without me, with someone they don't know. So it was a little hard. He did do great with them. He said the girls didn't move from where I left them, and Littlest bug just played peek-a-boo.

Today, the girls were so hungry, we got hot dogs and hamburgers from Hardees. NO Fries... that's not very diabetic friendly. So, upon doing this gym shopping I realized on all the days that I go to the gym, I'll have to prepare lunch for us before we go. They can have a snack at the gym. And then come home to eat lunch. I think it would be good for all of us to get out and interact. And for me to get healthy.

Argh, I don't know which one to choose! OK, I'll stop ranting now on the two places. I'm upstairs waiting for the girls to fall asleep. I will make a decision by Saturday and go out and get the gym membership--- which is the second step. The third step is following through.


Daddy Forever said...

I hate the big chain gyms. I prefer the smaller family-oriented gyms. The last one I joined was a nearby park & rec gym. Cheap and close by.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Ug the eternal issues of gyms. I'm getting the Wii Fit because I really liked DDR when it came out and felt better about doing some exercise while having fun. You're right about getting it in check though. My dad ignored it for years and he's paying the piper now and it stinks! You think you're getting by but your body is secretly keep a very accurate record and it won't let it go, it just waits patiently until the bill comes due. :(



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