Friday, May 16, 2008

Bad days...

I'm wondering how other people handle bad days. Especially when it comes to the other people in your life. For the last few days, I've had a lot of stuff to do. Between going to the gym, returing some things that need to be returned and making new purchases. I don't like having a short fuse with my children. They pretty much still babies and are expected to touch, scream and generally not listen when I take them out because they're just at that age. But I don't want to become Mom-zilla, and I feel it coming on. On top of that, my answer to it all... The tiredness, the stress, etc is to pick up food from somewhere. Usually Wendy's or McDonald's but sometimes like yesterday, Zaxby's. We've done this probably the last 4 days now. Because I've been tired and stressed with work and everything. But I cannot become a hermit and stay in the house. Not after I joined a gym. But Gym or not, things still need to get done. Kids still need to be taken with me. The amount of fast food we've eaten this week is ridiculous.

My mom left on Tuesday. When she was here she was actually cooking for us. But she left... Tuesday I didn't go anywhere, I made a crock pot roast. Wednesday, I resumed going to the gym. Somehow, I got conned into an aerobics class and trust me my body couldn't handle that. I was sore DURING the aerobics. But I still went to the mall afterward to get Lanie's hair cut and by some books. Of course, since Lanie did well, we got Chick-fil-a. I was so tired, so were the kids. We came home, walked up the stairs and took naps. I didn't wake up until 30 minutes before time to go to work. So, a quick call to my husband who was on his way home from work, resulted in Wendy's. And I believe after work that night we had Taco Bell. Thursday, we went to at least 5 different stores. That excursion resulted in $22 meal at Zaxby's.... Going all these places does place a lot of stress on me. In and out of the car with 2 kids constant and keeping them happy wherever were are. This makes me feel like I've had a bad day when I haven't. It was really just busy. Not bad.

There has to be a better way. What do you do with your families when you're gone all day? Or does this go away when the kids are in school? I'm tired of clogging all of our ateries. I maybe doing great going to gym at least twice a week, but I'm not really doing anything if I eat fast food this much. I love the website, that's a great site for quick meals but I still feel like that's too much. I've searched to see if there is somewhere that I could purchase a family meal (a real one, not KFC). And there just isn't one. There is dream dinners. 12 dinners you still need to prepare for $200+ per month. That's just too expensive. I don't know... I feel like as a wife and mother this should be stress that I can manage and figure out ways to get around it. Yet, it's not managed at all.

Ideas anyone?


Holly Schwendiman said...

So sorry to hear of the rough days. Two tools have saved my life with meals and my family - 1) The foodsaver, 2) my digital pressure cooker. The Foodsaver lets you vacuum pack your own food and when things get really crazy I'll spend one evening or afternoon cooking and I'll vacuum pack the contents in individual serving sizes for a quick microwave dinner fix. The pressure cooker lets me put in frozen meats and cooks them in 15-20 minutes so we can still have a great meal even if I forgot to thaw meat or throw something in the crock pot that morning. I've recently been purchasing my meats in individually vacuum packed servings through Schwan's and Walmart and that's wonderful too - the fish thaws so quickly in cold water and it takes only minutes to bake. :)


Queen Bug said...

I really need to look into a pressure cooker. we keep so much meat in the freeze but never thaw it out. It would be awesome to not have to thaw it out because half of the time I don't remember to do that.

You really need to give classes on organization. And I'd really need to be in on it because I'm horrible, and most of the time I feel horrible as a wife and mother because I literally get lost when it comes to organizing and coordinating. I usually get things together in the end but it's much harder! I guess that's what happens when parents spoil their children and don't let them do things on their own!


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