Saturday, September 06, 2008

Up early!

My usual routine... Go to bed late (1:30), wake up early... 4:00am. Today is a little different. Daddy D has to go to work for a make-up day at school. They canceled school one day last week since it rained so hard the buses couldn't pick up the kids in standing water. So the girls will have their grandparents for the day since I am already taking PTO for Tuesday when Daddy D has to work until 9pm. Fun, isn't it? I was hoping Paid Time Off would be for something fun! Guess not this time! It seems like I only use my PTO for Daddy D's work. :o(

Right now, I have a spinach quiche in the oven and the I-Pod is on. Daddy D put two of my absolute favorite singers on there--- Elton John and Billy Joel. Oh.... They are amazing! I really need to see them in concert at some point in time, but I've seen the ticket prices and on top of that... They never come any where remotely near me! That makes it hard to see them in concert. I don't care where the seats would be... I just want to be there and have my ticket stub to look at for the rest of my life. I really do belong in a different time frame, I think.

I was talking to my boss, about my kids and their over-abundance of energy. She suggested that if they do something bad I should take them outside and make them run laps around the yard and when they want to stop--- just make them keep going. It's starting to sound like a plan to me. These kids cannot and will not sit still at all ever. They have to have ADHD already! I really don't know how to handle them. You would think at some point, they would sit down. They don't want to sit to eat, they don't want to sit to watch TV...They don't want to sit in the stroller at the mall or in the shopping cart at a grocery store. Ugh! There has to be a better way. I hadn't had to spank them.... until they chucked a ceramic piggy bank over the ledge.... onto the hard wood.... clean up for that took FOREVER! Same day... Lanie decides to throw the salt shaker across the kitchen floor. I wonder how long we're going to clean salt off the floor and do that annoying foot wipe. *Sigh* Toddlers!!!!!

Alright, Quiche is finished. Hope everyone has a good day.


Daddy Forever said...

My son is hyper ike that at times. Luckily, not all the time.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh the joys of parenting! I have found that those exercising producing endorphins work for you though...laps are good!



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