Monday, August 24, 2009

On a Mission..

So, I've decided that people and problems can't bring me down anymore. Not in my personal life, not at home, not at work. I'm not letting my health get in the way of being happy. I've let it bring me down for far too long and it's affecting me as a person and as a parent. With this new found joy that I've found in my life rather quickly I might add. It wasn't hard to see what I have right in front of me. I am starting a new thing. We're going to do something new and/or different everyday. Me and the girls. And of course their dad when he isn't at work. And it's going to be something we can show off. Something I can blog about. I need ideas. I only have a few so far.

Sunday- Make a home video.
Monday- Watch a movie together that we haven't seen before. (On Monday due to Disney's movie time monday. Aren't I smart? haha)
Thursday- Plan/Make something for lunch together that we haven't made before.

Anything anyone can contribute would be great. I'm all for arts, crafts, projects. But I don't want something like coloring in a coloring book. That's something they can do in preschool. :) I want something we have "make" so I can save it in a box for them to have later.


Anonymous said...

Clay hand prints. They can paint their own boxes (you can find unfinished wood boxes for decent prices at the craft stores for pretty cheap). Paint their own Tshirts with fabric paint (I did that once and I had for over 5 years). More ideas to follow :)

Queen Bug said...

We painted hats with fabric paint. they definitely need practice. the more ideas, the merrier.


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