Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life, long update. :)

Life has been too busy to blog but I'm back, at least for today. I got a new netbook, curteosy of Daddy D. So as I watch the girls take a bubble bath, I can blog. Yay! Blog!

Anyway, life has been crazy with this new job. I like it. It's a lot of information. I am now officially a licensed insurance agent for 11 states! As I gain more experience, I will have more states. Pre-Licensing week was like information overload. Different people come in and tell you how hard the state exam is going to be. You first have to take a pre-qualifying test before you can move on to the state test. There are 2 sections: property and casualty. I didn't do so hot on the property prequalifying test but I passed it to get into the state exam. I passed the state exam, but it's so hard that they don't tell you your score unless you fail it. So when you're done, if you pass... they'll just tell you: "You passed!" I'm glad that's over and done!  It's an exciting new job with the potential to make a lot of money. It's a good thing for a girl who likes shopping and guess what-- I like shopping!

On the road to financial stability with this new job, my best friend of 17 years is staying with us to watch the children during training. It's been a pleasure having her here. The girls love her. It's been amazing having all this girl time and friendship bonding. We've had several nights were we just stay up and talk. I missed her so much. It helps that she's a night owl just like me.

Among other things that have happened, the wrongful death lawsuit for my dad is over. They have admitted to what they were responsible for which is all we asked. I really can't stand when things get denied that are true. Yes, they wanted to save face, understandable. It's a hospital, but there was a basic need that wasn't met.  That need in turned caused his death. There aren't words that can possibly describe the loss that was felt that day and thereafter. So many of my friends that I haven't spoken too in a long time even felt the effects of it when they found me on facebook or myspace. He was a great man and didn't deserve what happened. He  was already dealt a hand that was hard to live with-- but he still wanted to live with it. MS is a horrible disease. I miss him greatly and as time has passed the wound has gotten better. I still laugh at the things that made us laugh, and only sometimes shed a tear for the many more laughs and good times we could have had. Time will pass and the void will be gone.

More new things, we've finally gotten out of the credit card and medical debt we were in. Always a good feeling. We also bought a mini van this month. It's not a car I wanted but when faced with the decision it's something we needed for as much travel as we do. It's been nice getting the kids in and out of it. It's much easier and drives better than any car I had in the passed.  We're taking our first trip in it next week for Thanksgiving. My mom told us around September that she'd be home for Thanksgiving. I asked my husband if we could go to visit her for Thanksgiving since it's been several years since we spent Thanksgiving at her house. My hubby surprised me with a yes to go at the end of October... at that time, I wasn't sure if we'd go because my husband doesn't do Thanksgiving without Turkey. I felt bad that I was taking that away from him. But my mom will have Turkey, and we'll have a lot of people over there to share the day. So nice to be with my family and the friends that will be there with us (are really family members).... for a holiday since it hasn't happened in a while.

Then  we get to have my mom here for the other part of my training for this job that starts in December. We're going to help her pack and get things ready. She can't do too much lifting since she had yet another back surgery in July. That woman worries me sometimes! She's so awesome.... always thinking about others before herself. She doesn't ever really think about herself. She has started a little bit, taking care of herself better and finally after 16 years is fixing up her house.  I'm excited for the things to come and feel content (by content meaning all warm and fuzzy inside) with just about everything....

Another thing I can't believe is that it's the end of the year,  my little Jenabee will be three in January. It's hard to believe but it's true. They're growing up and healthy. The infant and early toddler years seemed to last so long. We're at the potty trained point and the point where we can say "how are you," and "how was your day," to both girls and they'll answer. Everytime we take them out lately, people comment on how charming and pretty they are. Which is nice for them to hear from other people. WE know their true nature. ;) But no one else needs to. They're sweet when they want, and emotional too but it's a part of them growing up too. I will update with pictures here or put them on facebook soon. I have a ton of pictures in my camera that I want to get off there.

That's it for my long update. Hope to blog more soon.

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Holly Schwendiman said...

Loving the new lease you're feeling on life. Reminds me of my Great Aunt's favorite saying "And it came to pass, not to stay." :D Here's to new rainbows and horizons!!



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