Monday, November 23, 2009


It's weird. I have two children. In the next six to seven months, one will turn 3, and one will turn five. I've been so busy just being mom and trying to help provide for the family that I let a lot of things go. I let my hair, clothes, make up all go. I took up the role of mom and went with it. Down to even wearing clothes that are too big for me... wearing my hair in a scrunchie all the time... (sore spot for my husband.) It really didn't start until I had my littest one. I wasn't as bad when there was only 1. Guess that they say about being a parent is true--- you're not truely a parent until you have more than 1. 

On top of that, I always felt the need to have a full time job to help provide the things we need and the things we want. AND work opposite of my husband so we wouldn't have the added cost of daycare. Lately, now that the girls are older and can have conversations, (and the new job is attributed as well) I believe I found my Pre-mom self. I'm not wrapped up so much in diapers and feedings.... even worse, spit up! I'm back into fashion again, make up... and even found a skin care line that is slowly but surely helping with the acne (brought on by pregnancy). I haven't worn my hair in a "scrunchie" for a long time. I've been taking the time so show my girls what they need to do to take care of themselves when they're older. It's amazing how they did not have an interest in it before. Most likely because I didn't do it.  They're interested now and even sit still to have their hair flat-ironed.

If there is anything I can say.... It's good to be back! It's nice to have the old me and the new me balanced together. I have a job I love, my kids at the age I love, and a lot of the things I want in life. It took a lot of hard work to get here. Working the late shift isn't easy, not even a little bit, but it's worth it and I only have 2 years left of the late shift, IF that. I couldn't sleep tonight because as weird as it sounds, I'm happy.  I was smiling too hard to go to sleep. I've learned so much these last few years that there isn't any possible way to get it all on here. I felt like my life was at a stand still for so long and it's finally moving! Wonderful.

Anyway... enough about that. Daddy D is blogging again as well!  My blog is going to get a make over, and my links section will as well. Hopefully that will come sooner than later. :) Hope everyone is well. Off to work on it a little bit!


Daddy Forever said...

Glad your life is better now. With four kids (one of them a baby), our life is not close to being normal.

Queen Bug said...

4 is definitely a challange. We're happy with two. Kids are great, but we're people that want the normal life, as opposed to crazy busy hectic schedules. If both of my children have different after school activities in the future, that's only 2 places I have to be. I'm happy with that. How old is the baby now?

Holly Schwendiman said...

Sweet. Always nice to have things smooth out and find the "pre" me's! :D Looking forward to the blog changes. I'm trying something new in a different area...we'll see how that goes!



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