Tuesday, November 24, 2009

52 Things You Should Know About Your Spouse

My last blog post was about how I have been getting back to normal. Well, in me getting back to normal, my relationship with my husband has gotten back to normal as well. It'll of course never be the same as it was in BC (before children) time, but we'll getting to know more about each other again. It seems like having kids takes that away with the stress, the sheer exhaustion. Nothing says arguing quite like a baby. Just for fun the other night, I goggled "things your spouse should know about you." Surprisingly both he and I knew all of these questions. It was fun, we had a lot of laughs and discussions. We didn't print them out, we just read them and answered them. We even stayed up later than usual (shocking, I know! Every minute counts when you work full time outside the home.) Without further delay: here they are. Feel free to comment your experience or if it's too personal, email it. :)

1. What is your spouse’s social security number?
2. In what city was your spouse born?
3. What is your spouse’s blood type?
4. What does your spouse feel is his or her greatest personal strength?
5. What is your spouse’s favorite food or meal?
6. What is his/her favorite dessert?
7. What’s your spouse’s typical position for sleep (left side, right side, back)?
8. What is your spouse’s favorite pastime activity or favorite hobby?
9. If your spouse had the job of his/her dreams, what would it be?
10. Where is your spouse’s favorite vacation spot?
11. What is your spouse’s political affiliation?
12. What was your spouse’s favorite childhood pet?
13. Who was your spouse’s best friend(s) in high school?
14. How many times per month would your spouse like to have sex?
15. What make & model, and color was your spouse’s first car?
16. What was your spouse’s first job?
17. Who was your spouse’s best friend(s) in college?
18. What is your spouse’s mother’s maiden name?
19. What is your spouse’s all-time favorite film?
20. What would your spouse say is your most annoying habit?
21. If your spouse could be any celebrity, who would he or she want to be?
22. If your spouse could simply wake-up in any part of the world and enjoy a week of exploring, what location would it be (travel cost and time being no object)?
23. Who is your spouse’s current best friend?
24. What is your spouse’s favorite flavor of ice cream?
25. What is your spouse’s shoe size?
26. What is your spouse’s waist size?
27. What is your spouse’s favorite restaurant?
28. Who is your spouse’s favorite musician at the moment?
29. What are your spouse’s parents full names?
30. If your spouse could change professions, what would he/she choose (money being no object)?
31. What household chore does your spouse most despise?
32. What is your spouses cell phone number?
33. How many bones has your spouse broken?
34. Does your spouse have tonsils?
35. How many jobs has your spouse had since graduation from college?
36. Has your spouse ever had a nickname? If so, what was/is it?
37. To which of your spouse’s family members is he/she closest?
38. What “hurt” from the past has your spouse struggled most to overcome?
39. Does your spouse prefer the toilet paper unroll from the top, or the bottom?
40. How many children did your spouse want to have when you got married?
41. How would my spouse most wish to spend time as a family?
42. What book is your spouse currently reading?
43. What is your spouse’s favorite way to wind down after a stressful day?
44. How much money does your spouse need to have in savings to feel financially responsible?
45. What is your partner’s favorite pizza topping?
46. What day of the week did you meet your spouse?
47. What single word would your spouse use to describe you?
48. What perfume/scent does your spouse like YOU to use?
49. What is your spouse’s favorite movie?
50. What is your spouse’s favorite sexual position?
51. How long would your spouse say “foreplay” should last? (answer in minutes, not seconds).
52. What, if any, musical instrument(s) has your spouse played?


Cmcelest said...

That is amazing that you knew all this information about each other. I can definitely tell you I have a lot to learn about my hubby :) I hope everything is going great. I really miss you and I hope to get down soon. If we can't get down in December, we may have to wait until February because of the new house. Once the house is finished you are always welcome to come visit. I know it's hard to travel with the little ones, but once they get older it will be awesome :)

Daddy Forever said...

I don't think my wife can stay up long enough to complete that survey. Our baby wears her out. Hopefully baby will start gaining weight soon so can relax again.

Queen Bug said...

Me and hubby talk a lot, in fact, we're always talking even though we work opposite schedules. That's how our relationship started... and it never seems to get old for us.

Daddy Forever-- your son will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he starts gaining weight. Both of you must be so worried. Idea: Print out the survey and do 1 question a day just for hubby/wife time. My husband and I are still talking about it!


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