Monday, December 21, 2009


My nephew is over our house this morning. His mom has a court date in Charlotte. I'm upstairs waiting to flat-iron my hair. I haven't heard it beep yet... and may not hear it beep for another 10 minutes. (*wink wink*)  The bugs are so excited that he's here, but I think they're about to drive my mom nuts.  I mean... Wow. Yeah.... We're good with our 2 kids. I thought my two were just a bucket of insanity, but nope! All kids are buckets of insanity once they get old enough. Like 2-5, I am discovering...... the trying ages. Can anyone tell me what happens at 6? I need a heads up!

So, I've had the insulin pump almost 5 days. I don't really notice that it is there. I went through sugar withdrawls the first day.  I'm used to my blood sugar being between 300-500, or even so high the meter can't read it. We set it for a person who had control. So, my blood sugar was a perfect 98. And my body didn't like it. Ever watch a show where there is a drug addict in rehab and they're stilling in the corner with a headache, going crazy? That was me. It was bad. The migraine was detrimental.  So, I adjusted the settings and for right now, it keeps me between 140-180. The headache is gone and it's not bad at all. I actually forget that it's there and I won't have it clipped to my pajamas, then I walk away and it's dragging behind me. I've only had to change my infusion set 1 time so far but I remember everything and did it. I think I'm still going through the adjustment phase. Showering is definitely an adjustment but I can disconnect everything except the catheter. 

There are a lot of accessories for pumps. And more recently clothes that have come out for it but they have to be ordered online. My biggest problem with the pump is that other people can see it. There is actually a bra out there now that hides it. Of course, you'd have to go to the bathroom to get it out and get more insulin in you if you need more for a meal but I'd rather have that than people seeing it. I'm just not ready to drop $70 on a bra just for that purpose.  I need to figure out little adjustments like sitting down with it in my pocket, or clipped to my pocket. I have 43 inches of tubing to deal with too. Maybe next time I'll get the smaller tubing.

So, I guess I should go flat-iron my hair now and get ready for work so my mom isn't thrown with to wolves for too long!  Their cuzzie-bug hasn't even been here for an hour yet and it's madness.


Holly Schwendiman said...

Glad to hear of your updates. I hope your kid's years 6-8 are better than mine, personally those have been the toughest years for me with both so far. But hey, I've never been the "norm" so you may luck out. :) You may hate those sugar withdrawals now but you'll be mighty happy for them years down the road when your eyes still, and you can still use your feet and toes. :)


Queen Bug said...

Oh boy, I'm hoping 6 is better. She's not even 5 until April but Bug is a big bucket of emotional mess. Anything can make her cry. Even a curious george episode... which is one of her beloved characters. We're in for some problems if it already started.

So, what are the 8-10 stages like? I don't feel like we'll make it there.


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