Monday, January 18, 2010

Eeny meeny miny mo!

As weird as this sounds, I'm laying in bed with a horrible stomach ache. So bad, it sounds like a thunder storm in my stomach. But the only thing that I have on my mind tonight is--- What are we going to do this year? I've been thinking about it for a while. I try to think of at least 4 special or unique things to do with the bugs each year. The year before last we went Apple picking, to the nature walks and butterfly pavillion. We also went Strawberry picking last year and to the Zoo. Throw in a couple of random trips other places and we have our total of four.

I thought about picking grapes but after much.... and I do mean much research, I discovered that all of the vineyards I would go to do not have seedless grapes. My kids love grapes but I'm not serving them the ones with the gigantic seeds in them.

I guess we do have several options for fruit picking. It just all depends on where we want to go. We have strawberries in May, Peaches in June, Apples in July. We've become so familiar with Patterson Farms, which is a farm that has been open in this area for almost 100 years. We wouldn't even need a tour. The girls are still too young for horse back riding. Redmosqui doesn't even approve of that. But I guess we'll make it a point to pick some kind of fruit or veggie each year. We enjoying the fruits of our labor afterwards by making pies, etc. When we went apple picking, we picked 22lbs of apples for $11. So I suppose that will be 1 thing, the pumpkin patch is a given every year, maybe the girls are old enough to make or just paint pottery? How old do children have to be to do that? I'm sure they'll want to get and paint more bird houses--- another thing we've done every year. There's so much to choose from and I'm at a loss this year. They aren't ready for the Circus. Most likely not ready for the State Fair either. (That or I'm not ready!)The Charlotte area mostly has things that are for older children. Like Discovery Place and Rays Splash Pad (indoor water fun). Discovery Place is opening up a toddlers Discovery Place this year I think but I'm not sure when.

What special things do you do with your child/ren? I will post a special "gadget" list when I've figured out our plans for this year. Sadly enough, it does have to be planned this far in advanced.


discountmom said...

Great post!

Veronica Lee said...

WOW! You do have some big plans there.

As for me, we're planning for an overseas trip this year but then again it all depends on our financial situation.

Queen Bug said...

Veronica... Where to? My kids definitely aren't ready for a plane. They have problems sitting still.

Daddy Forever said...

I hope you're better. For some reason, I'm having trouble getting rid of my skull crushing headaches.


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