Sunday, January 17, 2010


One of the most intriguing things to me are miles stones list. I had the pleasure of speaking to someone who develops the milestones lists for children ages 0 on up. I asked them if these lists were things that are made to make some parents worry. This isn't about my children. Mine have always hit 2 age brackets up. We don't even have to waste our time filling out the forms and checking "yes" next to the million lines of "Can your child." We're long passed that with both of our bugs. But what I want to know, is what is why our society depends on these things. I used them to my advantage. When bug was 16-18 months old, I started teaching her the alphabet with her Leap and Lilly toys and various old (80's old) videos from School House Rock and Sesame Street. Then we would video tape her saying the alphabet and let her watch it. (I see why she stares in mirrors/her refection now.) So the milestones list only gave me a syllabus so to speak. We had "School," in the mornings. Where we'd sit and work on colors, shapes, patterns, letters, numbers, etc.

So what I really wanted to know from this person was how important are these milestones for parents and for children. I can't imagine looking at the lists and not being able to check mark everything off it So, here what I was told:

Milestones list are generally guides lines for doctors to follow to make sure the children don't have special conditions. Apparently this is why the list is so long for each age bracket. I was also told they look for the child to be near or close to them to catch problems early. But there have to be flaws in the list. It's a proven fact that boys develop speech and language slower than girls, but they walk at a younger age too. So shouldn't these lists include gender? One of my friend had to go through a couple of these scares with her son, but as it turned out it was just how he is at the time. Hitting these things in their own way. Wouldn't it seem, for the medical community anyway--- that it would be better if these lists didn't exsist?

Aside from the fact, the person I spoke with stated the Baby Center has the best, most accurate break down. I didn't even spend a minute or so on either bugs age. So, I supposed that's good for us.

Look!!! I finally posted again on Daddy Detective.. after almost a year! haha

Ok, it's 4 am and I still have a trip to get the dog groomed, Sam's club and a few other stores. Hopefully AFTER the girls get some time making "cookies" with grandpa. Any "Milestone" comments are welcome. I don't publish anonymous comments. But I will approve the comments rather quickly. Anon will just be deleted most likely before read unless there it's something nice. ;)


Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Queen Bug said...

Good luck on your assignment. :)

Daddy Forever said...

I should take a look at the milestones lists for my kids, but right I'm to stress out with baby's feeding tube. He seems healthy to me, but the doctors keep saying if we don't get this taken care of soon, he might have development problems. I'm fairly certain our oldest had the same weight problem when she was a baby and now she's the brightest of our four kids (after factoring for age differences).

Queen Bug said...

Daddy Forever---- Have you gotten a second opinion? Honestly, he looks fine to me.


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