Friday, January 15, 2010

Clean House?

Things have been going very well for me lately. I found out today I'm the number one person in the English speaking group of our transition group (part 2 of training). Although this could change, and in fact, it will change... it was nice to hear it. I wouldn't say that I strive to be the best at work, but I do strive to do my best and I am glad when it shows. Most people stay away from sales because it's a rough job. I am glad to be one of the people to gravitate towards it and do well in it.

As for my diabetes, my kidneys are still stressed out badly. That's really the only downside I have in life right now. I didn't do this to my kidneys intentionally. I just couldn't afford the cost of insulin when I worked for a company who offered horrible insurance, mostly just for the sake of saying they offer it. I know my health isn't the best. My doctors have been forcing me to go to appointments by making them for me. I told them in time, I would make them myself. They ended up choosing people who aren't in my network-- for all 3 appointments she made. Eye doctor, heart doctor and OB/GYN. So I cancelled them. Right now, I just don't have to the time to run around and most importantly, I don't have the desire to go through a battery of tests just yet. Nothing really all that life threatening is happening so I don't see the emergency to get everything checked out. When I start my night shift, then I will have time. I had some time in the fitness center tonight after my shift ended. So now I'm awaking and wanting to clean the house at 1:30am. Heh....

Speaking of clean house....I have several blogs since I've been in the blogging community for so long. My "Adventures of Bug and Bee" blog is deleted among others that I didn't have on blogger. I just found it too hard to manage. And it had their first names all over them. I have also thought about deleting this one and joining Redmosqui on his blog but I like my title. This is an everything blog, where as his are just things going on randomly at any given time. So I will be keeping this one. I'm keeping "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" too but all the posts have been deleted from that one for a re-vamp and it's no longer permission only. And all the ones that were publicized are now deleted. I have other ideas for it. Whether they come into fruition is something completely different. So, it's official. I am now only on 3 places. 2 here on blogger and 1 on livejournal.

I am also finding a lack of time to juggle all of these things like I want to/used to when I was working part-time only. I enjoy writing, although I don't have time to write like I want to, and edit like I want to. I actually never go through and re-read or spell check then end up seeing all of the errors later. It's not something to worry about it, but I did major in History and writing was my forte. So sometimes it pains me to see the errors. What can you do? I suppose I could edit later, but that takes away from new post time. So the blogs have been cleaned up.

You know there is actually a company that will take your blog, turn it into a bound book and send you the published version? How crazy is that? I'm going to turn The Good, The Bad and the Ugly into something that I can do that with after I have enough posts. I have several ideas. All of which I want to see come into play but I know I need to pick one. We'll see how it goes. I just need to find out who does that again.


Veronica Lee said...

Congrats on being #1!

I'm already struggling with 2 blogs and one of them is quite static!

Have a great weekend!!

Queen Bug said...

There's nothing wrong with static. My other blog is still empty because I can't choose my idea.


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