Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Reviews!

Good news! We were worried about what to do with the bugs. I needed childcare for about an hour a day, four days a week. I didn't want to put the bugs with someone they didn't know. But I also didn't want to put them with a daycare service and we can't put them with family do to jobs and what not. I really like my job. I'm doing well there and didn't want this to get in the way but I don't have to worry anymore. We now have awesome arrangements. Ones that both my husband and I are extremely happy with as it doesn't alter the girls lives, they will throughly enjoy where they'll be and it will bring the "normal" back to our lives that has temporarily been placed on hold while I complete training for this job. My only dilemma is whether or not I will put the Bee in a fulltime preschool and go back to school during the day while I continue to work nights since I am required to work nights for my first year at least. I did find one and I know she wants to go to school so we'll see. I think we may have to keep her in the Church preschool for at least one more year to get her prepared.

Next month I am also starting cake decorating classes with a really good friend of mine. I am so excited for that. I did miss a course though so I don't know what to expect. She already took that course, but we're doing it to spend time and have fun together. We both do our childrens, husbands and friends birthday cakes so it will be fun! But onto the point of my blogging--- Book Reviews!!! I just finished two books....

So, I received two books for Christmas. Redmosqui was determined to make me read books that are not one in a set. Just individual books.

The first one I read was The Magicians, by Lev Grossman. This book by the very last page left me speechless. His writing was beautiful. The words melted into scenes in my imagination. I was quickly swept worlds away. The details were so perfect. I was able to picture each character through the detail, all the way down to facial expressions. I can't even explain how well written it was enough so that anyone can comprehend it without reading it themselves. However, when I did finally read the last page, I was left wanting. Wanting a different ending. Wanting more details. Were more details needed? Absolutely not, but I didn't have questions.

The store follows Quentin Coldwater, a teenager about to enter into adulthood. His one downfall is that he's always looking for perfection, something better than what he has. So even when he has something really amazing, he things it's mundane, ordinary and just not worth it. It's probably how you would THINK Harry Potter should have ended. He does end up getting his initial wish to attend a school for magic. He gets wrapped up in the usual things boys get wrapped up in throughout the book--- girls, money, drinking, drugs and of course sex. But nothing ever seems to be enough for him. Even when all the things he ever dreamed about were staring him in the face. The book ends on that same note as well. Nothing, even after losing everything. I won't get into how... that's giving away the book but I will say that if you read this book you will realize that no matter how unhappy you are, no matter what situation you're in--- you're the one who decides if good things happen or if bad things happy. And you decide if you can be happy with hand you've dealt yourself.

The second book, Peter and Max, Fables A Novel by Bill Willingham essentially tells the story of Peter Piper, why he picked a pickled pepper....and his Brother Max. If I say anymore it may give away the story so I'll just talk about the way it was written. I'm very detail oriented especially when reading. So I when reading I need to know and understand everything. The book was written in third person point-of-view, shifting between the passed and the present. Even with the shift, it wasn't hard to undestand what was going on the story. Even though the story revolves around Peter Piper, there are visits from varions other "Fables," Little Bo Peep (and the true story of how she lost her sheep), Beauty and the Beast, Snow White (who has actually been divorsed a couple of times) and various others. It is an adult book, if you have young readers definitely wait until they are at least 16. But it is actually worth the read. Even though it isn't a series book.

I didn't want to spoil the books for anyone who wants to read them. I have been making a little bit of time for myself after work to deditcate to reading. Especially after reading the Magicians, I've learned that life is just that... life. You can spend your time hating it, or you can spend your time loving it. (That's how profound a lesson that book can teach you.) You could also probably spend it doing a little bit of both, but why bother? Love it and don't take things at face value so much because there is more than meets the eye--- always


Daddy Forever said...

I'll look for them at the library. Maybe I can get my daughter to read them. She's a picky reader.

Queen Bug said...

You may want to wait a few more years. especially for the Magicians. There's some language in these books you may not want her to see.


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