Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I got home at 2am this morning. I felt compelled to really help my last customer so I got out of there late. Anyway, I feel like ranting again about my dysfunctional life. I should be sleeping. My kids will be up at at 'em by 7:30am at the latest. So, yeah, I should be asleep. Especially since they have preschool, then after I pick them up I have my appointment with a specialist since I don't have a stomach bug. Stomach bugs don't like for almost a month. That's how long I have been dealing with stomach-bug-like symptoms. Great, isn't it?

So anyway, my rant is about....nothing really. Guess I could just talk about my new job. I don't have anything to go on and on about for once. I did get a sales bonus. It is an awesome bonus that will be 40% taxed. I am anxious to see what my Feb. bonus will be like, if there is one. I got 2 of three bonuses, and was about 1% away from that third bonus. But I am thankful for what I got. I am really lucky. I talk to a lot of people during the day at work and you'd be surprised how many people have been laid off or are unemployed. I got two healthy girls. Hopefully tomorrow I will find out what's going on. My diabetes blood work came back perfect. My kidneys will be stressed for a while but there isn't much I can do about that. My girls are happy, healthy and enjoying the new childcare situation with one of my "best good friends." Which I am glad. They love her and her children. It was really the perfect situation for us and she is also one of the Americans that currently does not have a job. So it gives me a chance to help her out as much as she is helping me.  Thank goodness for family friends. 

Me and my best good friend are taking cake decorating classes together. Which is good. Bug will be 5 in less than 50 days!! She's excited and talks about her birthday often. I am almost tempted to tell her if she keeps talking about it, it'll disappear. She's on the fence about what kind of party she wants. She keeps changing it. Varying from Hannah Montana to Batman and Spiderman. Thank goodness she's only mentioned those once last month. She also mention Ariel, but little does she know--- it's Cinderella. She picked a few months ago, so that's what it's going to be.  I already have all of the stuff. She did this with her birthday party last year. I don't like fickleness. At all.  She will learn. She WILL learn.

Ok, I think I should be done. I could probably write forever, but I am not.  I am going to force myself to go to sleep. :)


Dimes2Vines said...

I understand, sometimes it just helps to have someone to listen!
Have a great day!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hope you found a few winks. :) Those cake decorating classes can be really fun!


Daddy Forever said...

It's nice to have nothing to rant about. I hope you get rid of your bug soon.


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