Sunday, February 21, 2010

Partners In Crime

My two bugs have been comin together to support each other. Redmosqui and I run on a solo parental unit most of the time. However, the bugs seem to be there to support each other all the time. 

Tactic  #1: Bug gets a spanking for not listening. Bee starts crying because she's upset that bug got a spanking and that someone spanked her "stister."  It seems like they thought this method would make us stop spanking them when they don't listen?

Parental unit stradegy  (PUS would make a horrible acronym so we'll use it!): Look at screaming, wailing recently spanked child... tell child that crying fits and temper tantrums don't get them what they want and ignore them until it's over. Score one for parents!

Tactic #2: Telling on each other at the same time.
PUS: Both get in trouble!  We're not biased here.

Tactic #3:  Perhaps the most annoying, is that my bugs... the ones that seldom have halo's over their heads now a days---- Lie. Yup, that've learned how to lie. They're not quite sure how bad it is yet, but there are signs. Like their hands behind their backs (if food is involved.),
PUS: Nothing really yet. Just explaining why it's bad. But I am sure we'll find a way to one up them.

I almost feel like we're being harsh, but evidence shows that when we're softies, the think they can walk over us more.  I am just so exhaused from the schedule that I work, it's a daunting task to deal with these two girls who are so hyper active. They don't know how to relax at all. Occasionally if the TV is on they'll watch it and be still for about 30 minutes. But other than that, we're playing dress up, toys or dancing around. Their doctor said they excessively hyper. If this isn't excessive, I am not sure what would be considered that. But at least nothing is wrong with them. I bet kindergarten will really teach Bug a thing or two about relaxation. She's getting better. Bee is too. It's just frustrating times with them so close in age. It doesn't feel real everyday.
Either way, I am sure I will miss them very much in March--- They're spending a week at my moms house for almost a week so I can have an exploratory surgery. I've been trying to plan for it so the kids aspect of the situation is taken care of! We're working on the part where someone has to be in the waiting room the whole time part. We'll figure it out, I am sure. Part of me what's to back out of it. I hate getting put under anesthesia.  I still have quite a few days to plan it out. :) My sister in law offered to come stay with me, but she's 3 hours away so I don't want to put her out of place just for a couple of hours. I have a really great support system and network of friends. Redmosqui is working on getting part or all of the day off so we'll see how it works out. If he can do that then our problems are solved. And to think.... these days were taken off of work to go see a hockey game. Now I don't even get to do that!  I guess when the Pittsburgh Penguins make their way back here to play the North Carolina Hurricanes at the beginning of next season, we'll have to catch them there to keep up with our yearly tradition.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Time to get back to watching Pearl Harbor, then try to sleep.  We're going to the mall again tomorrow. Normally it's one weekend a month but we'll make an exception this time. :)


Sandy said...

Hello, Mrs Queen, lol
I just love that name. And your nicknames for your girls are adorable, Bug and Bee are just too cute. It's great that they stand up for one another and are close like that instead of the opposite and going against one another. I hope they stay like that their entire lives as that would be a blessing for them. So they are lying now? I kind of had to laugh, I am sorry, but I know you will straighten them out on this aspect. Girls will be girls huh?
I'm glad to hear you spank your kids. so many people don't believe in that anymore and I think when you don't spank them, it does something horrible to their mind, and that they suppress anger. I don't know, that's just my opinion.
Your both doing a great job in raising the girls!
Good luck on your surgery. I love being put out lol, I love it because I know I can block everything out of my mind and wake up a different person, if that makes sense. Don't worry! Modern Medical Technology is a wonderful thing! If I lived closer I would love to be there to help you out.

Sandy said...

thank you for the info on the book, I will go and put it in my wishlist at and someday when I win the lottery I will be able to go and buy them all lol
but seriously I will have to get it :)

Daddy Forever said...

My kids don't really support each other. They like to tattle tail. I wish you well on your surgery.


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