Thursday, March 04, 2010

Functional side of parenthood...

I was thinking about next week--- I am having a few biopsies, and 2 exploratory procedures because the only thing doctors can agree on for me at this point is that something is definitely not right. So the next step in testing is several biopsies and the procedures. If that does not turn up the cause, we'll go into more serious testing.  So, it's getting closer and closer to that date. I will be dropping off my Bug and my Bee over at my mom's house. She's about 3 hours away and they will be staying there for almost the entire week. So I got to thinking about my mom,  and I got to thinking about my girls.... our friends,  family and the constants in our lives. It seems like so many things change all the time that we never really look at the day to day constants that make our lives functional. So that is what I want to blog about, and remember from my thoughts today. 

Recently, Redmosqui and I have been thanking our lucky stars for the people in our lives. The most involved familial person in the lives of our bugs is my mom. She's the person we ask first for help. She's never turned us down or let us down even in situations where she didn't know if she could work it out.  She talks to the bugs on the phone at least 5 days a week.  She's a constant in their lives.  She has such a big heart, especially for all of her grand-bugs.  The bugs learn a lot from her. And I could probably stand to learn some of her patience!

The second familial person that's close to our papa-bug (their grandpa). He is over every Friday to spend time with the girls so I can get to work on time. He and I talk for a little while before I head off to work which he probably doesn't realize how nice that is, especially for me. I lost my dad due to malpractice when I had only been a parent for 10 days. The sheer devastation of that loss has taught me a lot.  And I am thankful for the fact that the girls do have a grandfather that is involved in their lives. Stops by to visit them and me each week. They didn't get to meet my dad.  Redmosqui's dad is such a wonderful person. He's hard working, honest and fun to be around. I am hoping my bugs take on those qualities.

We also have some friends, that have played a big part in their lives. Even though we live six or seven houses apart, I still call her my neighbor, but I might as well call her my sister. She has to daughters close in age to the Bug and the Bee. And she has taken on watching my bugs the other days of the week. From her their are definitely learning the different ways that people are authoritative. They get play time there with her daughters that all of the children have come to ask about. Not only that, my "Neighbor-bee" (we'll work on that one) has also come through in more ways than anyone else around us. I called her, last month to let her know that I wouldn't be dropping the bugs off b/c I had to go to the emergency room.  She came and picked up the girls from the ER. so they didn't have to deal with the in's and outs of it all. We also completed a cake decorating class together (picture up maybe next wordless Wednesday that I do).  Like I said, she might as well be my sister.

 Most of the friends that I grew up with are in other areas of the state/country/world. I miss them, and they occasionally see/speak to the girls. But I am thankful to have these people the constants, and not so constants be so involved. Whether it's a good thing, or a hard lesson... they learn something every time they see or speak to these wonderful people. For me, every time my girls hug, and kiss each other, tell each other, me and Redmosqui "I love you,"  or when Bug helps Bee get dressed, or get her shoes on.... it not only melts my heart. but helps me see these people and their qualities in these girls---- And that's the functional and sweet side of motherhood. Even though there is a couple hours a day that I am apart from the children, I know that they are well taken care of and in an environment surrounded by love.  And I know they'll tell me alllllllll about it when I see them in the morning. In fact, we call our daughters "Status Updates," because they'll just randomly fill you in on things.  So, in all the ranting and raving that I do on here.... While they are at my moms for almost a week, I will miss my girls. And I will miss seeing and talking to my constants for the week. It's always scary to go through a surgical procedure. And I really don't like being put to sleep! So, blogging maybe be minimal this next week due to the busy-ness of it all.  With that... I will even miss my blogging buddies!!

I hope you all have a good week. Kiss your children, and thank the people that are in your life the most because they're here today. There's no better time like the present. And no one is promised another day. My last words to my dad almost 5 years ago now were, "I love you," and while I would love to have more words with him, I don't regret them. :)


Holly Schwendiman said...

I'm so glad you have such good family and friends to help. Sending prayers your way!!


Queen Bug said...

Thank you, Holly. I hope you are well!

Daddy Forever said...

I hope your procedures don't find anything serious.

Glad to hear you have people in your life who can help out. My dad lives about 10 miles away, but he rarely visits.


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