Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Nook!

I've been playing with it.... Well, I guess I can't say playing with it. It's so user-friendly you don't really need to play with it. I finished my first book on it yesterday. It was actually a Star Wars series that my husband was reading. He decided to suggest it to me since it had nothing to do with the characters from the movies. So I picked up the first book of the Darth Bane series. It's good, I will admit--- It's really good. However, my upon completeing this last book I am confused and cannot predict if there will be another book. He left off with a way to write another book if he plays into the deception in the story line a little more, but I am not sure it is possible.  But for all intents and purposes it is the "Darth Bane Trilogy."  So..... I am thinking no fourth book. And my thinking was clarified on Wookiepedia. I don't recommend visiting Wookiepedia for a review of this book becauses it does give the entire book away. Now, if you're just interested in it, and will never read it, it does paint a clear picture, but you'll miss out on the suspense and the anticipation that these books do tend to bring on. All in all, if you watched Star Wars, you know there is an apprentice and a Sith Lord. Only two. These books explain why that is and it's a great read.  It follows Darth Bane from his teenage years, to his adult life. The writing left no detail in question, that's for sure.

Ok, so book was great, now the Nook. The Nook is so much more user friendly that the Sony E-Read. I am not really sure why that is quite yet but it even feels better when you're holding it. Compared to the sony it's slightly longer and wider. The only reason I know this is b/c  I tried to steal RedMosqui's E-reader case and of course, it wouldn't fit. Right now, that's my only complaint, which really isn't a complaint at all.... accessories aren't sold in store. I do catch myself attempting to turn a page like it's a real book, but I'm sure that'll be over soon. It's so lightweight, I can toss it in my bag, and not have to worry about shoulder pain from carrying a bag that is way too heavy to be toting around. The display is great and the when you hit the page turn button it turns relatively fast. I turn it on the last sentence that I am reading. I suppose I will eventually get pictures up. Maybe do a better comparison on the Sony, The Nook and possibly the Kindle. Although, I am not certain we will have kindle. RedMosqui's Sony kinda needs upgrading but if he gets a Nook, we can share books and read them at the same time. This E-reader has not completely replaced paper books for me yet. My collections on my shelves need to be completed first. Some series are near completion, but at least I don't have to wait for the paper back to come out before reading them!

Next review? The Zune HD and the I-pod touch (If my husband lets me touch it.) I bought them for us as Christmas presents. I don't get paid for these reviews, in fact, no one even knows I am reviewing products. I just buy them I figure I would share my experience for anyone who is considering these things.  I can't believe I just blogged this in 5 minutes! Woo hoo!! My "power blogging"  is done for the day.

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