Thursday, March 18, 2010

Juggling alarms?

I almost feel like I am the only one in the world that has to juggle alarms. There are 2 on my phone. One for 10:30 am, on Tuesday's and Thursday's so I can be there in time to get Bee from school. On Monday- Wednesday- Thursday there's one at 11:30 so I can be on time for bug.  Then there is one at 2:25 which is the very last minute for me to get up from quiet time to get ready for work to get the girls to my friends house. And in actuality. I need one for 8am but I don't have anymore room for alarms on the stuff I have now.

So I am not sure if these are funny or not since I am way too tired lately, but here are some conversations my kids have had with me recently:

Bug: Mommy, can Bee where these pants? They will keep her legs warm because she is just so tiny, she needs to be warm. They'll help her and keep her warm.
Me: Ugh, Bug.... those are shorts.
Bug: The sun is out. Only half of her legs will show... she'll still be warm. 

Bee:  Bug let's play Ariel and Eric.
Bug: Can I be Ariel?
Bee: Nope.
Bug: I don't want to kiss you.
Bug and Bee: Sha-la-la-la-la kiss the girl.

Bug: Mommy! Did you know when you're sick and need help you call 911 on the phone so an ambulance can come get you and take you to the hospital.
Mommy: Did you learn that in school today?
Bug: No, we were outside with the ambulance people. 

Bug: Can I live with Tetta  so I can be with Lyssa-bug and Jujubee all the time?
Mommy: No, what's the fun in that if you see them all the time?  It won't be as special.
Bug: I just miss them all the time, and love them. They will grow up too quickly if I am not there to rescue them.
Mommy:  So what you're saying is that without you, they get older quicker?  What if I would get older quicker without you?
Bug: Mom, don't be silly, you're already old.  (The giggle that came after that is just plain weird.)

Bee: Do I have school today?
Mommy: Nope, it's Monday.  You go Tuesday and Thursday.
Bee:  You go to work, make more money. Pay my teachers more money to come in on Monday.
Mommy: I work enough.
Bee: Nah uh not if my teachers don't work all days.

Mommy:  Bee--- your pants are inside out. Want help fixing it?
Bee: No, it's better this way.

Bug: Mommy, what is an alley-by.
Mommy: Where did you hear that bug?
Bug: At school while playing detective.
Mommy: It just means you were somewhere at a specific time.
Bug: So you always have one since you are always somewhere?
Mommy: Yes, I guess so.
Bug: Good, we won't have to bust you and put you in a cage forever.


Rune Ariala said...

For your alarms, do what I do-make them calendar events instead. I only set alarms for things I have to do every day (like the absolutely last minute I have to leave for work in the morning). You can usually set a lot more calendar events on your phone than you can alarms.

Queen Bug said...

I am going to have to try that. Never thought of it! Thanks for the tip. :)


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