Friday, March 19, 2010

Post about my little buggie!

In 20 days,  Bug will be 5 years old! She's just such a little lady.  She's like an elephant-- she never forgets! She's very active, but also very happy and healthy. What else could a parent possibly ask for in their daughter. I am a little behind on her shots but hopefully when I get some time off, I can go ahead and get those done because this little girl is so ready for kindergarten. 

I've said it on here many times that one of the best decisions I have ever made was putting her in preschool. It's so worth the money. Even though she goes 3 hours a day, 4 days a week I think it's definitely made a big difference. When I drop her off at preschool, she wants to go into her classroom by herself. She knows where to hang her coat, and her Cinderella lunch box. They also have an attendance board which is basically a Velcro board that has their name and picture on a lamenated car. The board has two parts, one for home, and one for school. When she gets there, she puts her car at school and moves along to the work that is left for her to do on table.  

The Cinderella lunch box is significant for her.  Cinderella is her favorite princess. In fact, it is also the theme she picked for her birthday this year. When we were at the Disney store sometime last year, I told them they could pick something out that's $5.  The lunchboxes actually were $5 (been teaching her about money) and the matching back packs that have a strap to attach the lunch box on there, were $10. Bug doesn't know it yet, but I went back all those months ago and bought the last Cinderella back pack they had for her. I have also purchased a number of books, and activities to fill the back pack so it can be used as a gift bag, as well as a gift for her birthday.  Between Farmer's market trips, fruit picking, a family vacation  and these activity books, she'll stay busy over the summer while waiting for kindergarten to start.

To keep on going with the Cinderella theme and to keep up the tradition of no longer having birthday parties at the house, I hired out a Pottery Studio for 2 hours. The party, due to some other things going on in life has to be on her birthday which is a Thursday night,  and has to be from 6-8pm so at least most of the family members if not all of them can make it. I spoke to the owner for such a long time! She is so nice. They actually close at 7pm, but she told me I could still have the place until 8pm! And to boot, she won't charge me more than the $35 that I already paid to book the place. Of course, the pottery is a separate charge, so I told her I wanted to pay for each kid to do 1 piece of pottery. They have Crowns! They can be turned into a magnet or a picture frame. They also have plates that can be decorated with hand prints and anything else the children want to paint on there. Everything they have there is safe for dishwasher, microwave and eating.  Best of all, the paint is nontoxic, and nonstaining! The other places I called didn't even have that option.  I am actually excited for her.  She's never had to her party anywhere other than our house before.  And it's just a steal for $35 + the cost of pottery. All I have to go there pick out the pottery piece and get the invites, deposit is already done! It even includes a special tile or plate gift for the birthday girl. Here is the website:

Pottery Place Studios

It was one of those places that I have been looking at for a while but hadn't thought to call. Before the party, she'll have friend who is a boy, Jujubee, Lyssabug, her Ant LA,  and Tetta over  all day so we'll all take the birthday girl to dinner before the night of pottery painting, games, fun and cake! Usually, I have to put so much thought into their parties and trying to make them special and fun at my house that I end up spending a lot more than having it hired out.  I think she'll feel just like Cinderella going to the Ball, since her Prince Charming.... or, well, friend who is a boy will be with her all day as well as her cousins and other family to share her day... Her ACTUAL birth date.

Her birth was such a happy time for me..... but also a tragic time since a few short days afterward, I lost my father. So, some years, this time gives me a heavy heart, but lately, I have been able to cherish the fact that I was given a beautiful daughter to look after. You always always hear when one  door closes,  somewhere a window is opened.  I have finally been able to look at it that way. She's my window. And I know my dad would be so proud of her even though he never got to meet her.  And hopefully so proud of me since both her and I have survived 5 years! ;)

5 year pictures/photo collage to come soon of my lovely bug.... as soon as my neighbor and I find some time to get together for those and Easter pics!


Veronica Lee said...

Can't wait to see her pics!!

Glad to know that she's enjoying pre-school.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Grandma said...

She's going to have a wonderful birthday. What a great plan.

It's Saturday. Were you looking for something on my blog? :-)

It's here

Self Sagacity said...

Fun! I don't want my T to grow up...five sounds so old...;-) my T is 2 1/2 and I am not ready for three. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading about Bug!

Daddy Forever said...

It does sounds like a great deal. We usually have the parties at our house, but the kids don't even want a party this year. They just want to go buy a toy of their choice at Target.


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