Sunday, March 28, 2010

School Uniforms?

Ok, so while shopping for my daughters Cinderella brush, which I ended up ordering off of Ebay after I went to a few stores today and they don't have any. That's not the point of this post though so let me get to that.

While I found the brush at (not sold in stores), I ran into a great school uniform sale. The school that she goes to requires school uniforms in the designated colors. I decided to research this a little bit, and found that the Middle Schools and High Schools in our area do not require uniforms. What is that? Middle School and High School have the kids that actually care about what they wear, and let fashion distract them from other things. That doesn't really happen at all in Elementary School. I could see them needing to look the same on school field trips. But I really don't think in the actual school, they'd need to look the same. I do figure I will find her some items she'll enjoy in her school colors and also give these to her for her birthday... I just really think it's pointless for Kindergartners.

Then there's the fact that all of the clothes will be new and she'll be painting and playing outside with them while she is there. So, they're going to get dirty. There will have to be enough of them to get through to Laundry day so we'd definitely need 7 of everything. She has drawer space to section off her school clothes, but again this is just pointless.  It feels like a waste of money, and she'll be at this school until 5th grade? Really? Uniforms until then? Does anyone else have children who have to wear uniforms when they are in school?  There is a website called French Toast School Uniforms that has pieces a great prices.  If you spend $65, you'll get free shipping as well. I am shopping and blogging at the same time.

All this talk about clothes has reminded me of the milestone we hit today. While looking for the girls Easter dresses, we discovered the Bug is no longer getting clothes from the Toddler section. She is officially considered a "girl" now. Thankfully, we'll be there for a while before she moves to "Junior" status. But it was a sweet milestone. She seemed excited to move around the section and see what was there. She did seem to notice that the clothes were slightly different in style. The girls did pick their own dresses. My Buggie picked a dress that has a ladybug, and my BeeBee picked a dress that has bees on it.  Our outings today were rather abundant. We spent 4 or 5 hours going to different places. We picked up Bugs invites for her birthday party, and some Easter basket things for their cousins. We also had to pick up some things for the girls Easter party, and our Easter Egg hunt. We had a great lunch out at Macado's too, and the Disney Store, then we went to Target.

It's been hard to go anywhere lately so it was nice to get out for a little while with everyone. I am still carrying around about 4 different pill bottles just in case something happens or I get one of those attacks. We've ruled out several things at least. The problem they tell me with abdominal pain is that it could be anything in there. The location of the pain doesn't really matter because there's so much in there. It's a slow process. It's a lot of tests. It could be a lot of things. We've ruled out digestive disorders. We've ruled out diabetes. At this point, my husband, friends and my family are on pins and needles. They're worried, and I've gotten to the point where I have no choice but to take it a day at a time and each time an episode comes on, try to pay attention to the patterns. So far the only pattern I see is that it pretty much only starts when I get up in the morning and it's every 5-12 days. That's all I've got. I try to sleep straight through it so that I can avoid as much pain as I possibly can. We get more test results in the next day or so, then move on to more testing if we haven't solved the problem. We have even stopped making plans to go places, do anything or hang out because we don't know when it's going to happen again.

It's really an awful thing to go through, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone--- not even someone I dislike. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Redmosqui has tomorrow off from work so I can call for my test results. Then after 4 more days of work he'll be off for a week. Then in 2 more months, he'll be off for the entire summer which makes all this tag team on and off worth it. He gets so much time off during the year that it doesn't really cut into family time too much. I was also able to get a week off for his birthday in June, and a week off to see bug into her new kindergarten role in August.  I am hoping this health thing will all be figured out well before then so we can still go on a family vacation.  Anyway, I am on some pretty good meds, and am done rambling for right now. Will update again when I get my test results. Hoping they are ready tomorrow!

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Self Sagacity said...

I remember those uniform day, in a few more years, I will be going through it again! Queen Bug there is an award waiting for you at Self Sagacity. :-)


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