Monday, May 10, 2010

Want it!

Does anyone have the Sony Bloggie camera?


I did get a nice bonus this month because I worked my tail end off last month so I was thinking about getting this for myself. I don't like our camera. I don't need an expensive camera. This in fact isn't expensive at all. I'm not really into that. Not really a wanna be photographer.... I leave the professional looking shots to my best friend/neighbor. I just shot the camera and if it looks good, I don't delete it. But this gadget looks like a fun and interesting thing to have.

Here is review off of Amazon. I don't get new toys often, usually I buy them for Redmosqui but I am thinking with most positive reviews, it might be my back up camera. :)

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Jessica Guthrie said...

Happy Tuesday! I want to let you know that
I am Honoring you with the Sunshine Award! You deserve some sunshine and I love reading you blog! You can head over anytime and Grab It! Enjoy your Week!


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