Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly update and summer plans-- Bring on that Sunscreen scent!

Summer break has officially begun for Bug and Bee...... After Tuesday, Redmosqui starts his.

Here are some exciting things we have planned for the Summer time, hopefully it will give you some things to research in your area or a few ideas. We're always trying and doing new things to give the bugs experience, choice and opinion.

Things with the Kids:
Monday's are Farmers Market Mondays.
We're going apple/peach/grape picking at Hill's Orchard & Vineyard
Toy Story 3 in Theatres
Train Rides at Village Park, it's right up the street from us and the girls have been asking since last year.
Outdoor movies in the Park (Monsters vs Aliens and a couple of others)
Then of course there is Father's Day, and 10 days later is Red's birthday. During that time we'll be in a Condo at the beach and visiting my hometown.
Baseball game--- we've been playing with the girls and talking about it. They want to go see a game and fireworks afterward.
We went to the Nature Museum last year, so this year we're taking them to Discovery Place.
I also have a surprise for Red, Bug and Bee coming.... not sure when to let them know about it quite yet. They'll see soon I suppose. 

There are a couple other summer festivals around our area that we'll take them to as well. It's already a lot planned when I am off on Fridays and Saturdays only but we've got them on the calendar as set dates and I am sure this will be a summer of fun for Bug. She has no clue what she's getting into when she starts kindergarten. For Bee, potty training has been a success! We just needed to stay home for a little while and not be in and out of the house. 13 days of her 21 days down with only 1 minor accident. She's napping in her panties now and wants to sleep with them on at night but I am not ready for that quite yet.

A few just the two of us...

My mom is going to provide us with Date night so we can go see Twilight on opening night which also happens to fall on Red's birthday. :)
Dinner Cruise on the Lake
Train/John Mayer concert.
First thing first though.... Friday, the girls are going to get their first real piece of vacation. They're going to their Tetta's house and staying for 9 days to have fun with her, their Aunt L and Uncle J and 2 cousins. :)  They'll be swimming at the pool, enjoying cook outs without us. But it's okay. It's about time they get that and we've been leaving them with their Tetta over the last year in small increments to test it out. So, this next stay will be their longest. And we'll be here working on our house. :) And when Bee gets back from her trip with Tetta, she'll have her "Dora things" in her room waiting for her. Which weirdly enough... is the same way Bug for her new bedding earlier this year. Hope everyone has a great start to their summer! I will post pictures of all the fun things!

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