Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wordless Wednesday---- Washing the Car.....

For the first time since we bought it in November (minus those drive through thingies)

Puttin' the offspring to work!


They cleaned themselves more so than the car....

Break with the Kool-Aid bursts..... Yes, I made them use a straw.

Oooooh shiny........

Aren't you glad you didn't see a before pic of the wheels?


The kids like to watch these fizz to make lemonade...

Showing off their new "flippity floppers"
Sisterly love... and shiny car in the back ground



Sassy Brit said...

Such cute kids! :) Thanks for sharing. Shiny car too, now! LOL

Here's mine - slightly different to the usual photo but I wanted so much to share this to everyone, it's such an important book for women.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What cute helpers! Love their flippy flops too.

Jenn said...

What fun! I can remember loving to wash my parents car when I was young.

Tina said...

washing the can lol i like that!!

kids love to wash cars dont they, but when mine are done my car usually looks worse with dried soap stains ha ha!

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