Saturday, October 30, 2010

The beeping.....OMG... THE BEEPING!!

So, I've been put in the hospital again. This is the second hospitalization in 4 months for pancreatitis. And the beeping... My 2 of my IV bags ran out of fluid and so it is beeping. I called a nurse about it over 25 minutes ago, someone came in to tell me that they had to get someone else to stop it. No one else has come, so I figured if I can do a blog post about it before they come... then it's time to unplug it, drag it out in the hallway and demand that they stop this annoying beeping or else they'll have to listen to it with me. Mean? Probably. But oh well.

I'm ready to go home. It took 2 ER trips to get them to take me seriously. The first one, they sent me home after doing lab work. They told me I had early onset pancreatitis and that I should go home and drink liquids. Not even 24 hours later, I was back in the ER getting admitted. I've had lots of tests done. One test I need to have done later because they can't do it at this particular hospital. I forget what the test is called but they have to put me to sleep for it and go in and look at my pancreas. I believe that's how they look at it and test for pancreatic cancer, scarring of the pancreas and calcification of the pancreas. I think the last one is more of what they are worried about with me.

They can't decide if I have acute pancreatitis, or chronic pancreatits. It's looking more and more like chronic from what they tell me since it won't always show up on test results. I'm not sure which one is the lesser evil, both are hard and painful to live with. Both can end up being a cause of death. Both severely changes lives. Both can happen over and over again. I am just reluctant to research it right now. I will talk to the doctors, but I don't want to Google or WebMd it just yet. It's never wrecking as it is to have a condition that won't go away, and has the chance to take away your life everytime you get it. All it would take would be 1 doctor not to take you seriously... like my first ER visit on Wednesday. Wednesday, they gave me narcotics through IV, told me I had pancreatitis, and said I needed a ride home. Apparently, while waiting for my ride, they put me on a drug watch. One of my good friends that I met at work picked me up, took me to my car to get somethings out and as I got back in her car, and officer was banging on her window telling me that I couldn't drive my car. So it seemed they were more concerned with getting me a DUI than taking care of me. But it's okay because the hospital is going to hear about it. And I also refuse to pay them my $100 copay for that visit. Not going to happen after I was treated that way, and in less than 24 hours, the pain I was in more than tripled. Ok... enough story... time to drag this beeping contraption in the hallway....

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!!!


Day 2 Day Living said...

Oh hon I sure do hope you start feeling better soon and that everything turns out ok. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Enough already! I hope you're feeling better soon. :) Sending prayers.


Tina said...

sounds like a tough time mate and extra hassle with that drug watch situation.

hope they can figure out whats going on for you.


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